How To View Mobile Version Of A Website On Computer And FireFox Browser


Recently, I have been doing some tweaking and designs to client blogs especially the mobile version and I have always wondered how I could view the mobile version of the website directly on my Computer to see how well am doing with my formatting.

Oh Yeah, why can’t I use a phone right? Well, I do use the MTN BIS Plan on my PC which I also use on my blackberry device hence when the sim is off phone I cannot surf with my mobile device since I am not in an environment that has got wifi(wireless) connection and at that point the only option is to do the tweaking on PC and when am done, I remove the sim from my modem back to my BlackBerry phone to check how far I have done but isn’t that time consuming and stressful?

Well, that’s now in the past since I have been able to find a solution to this and I want to share the tips here which I believe will benefit some people and probably you too.

View Mobile Version Of Website On PC

mobile version of website on computer and firefox

There are various ways to accomplishing this and this totally depends on the platform of the website.

1. You can view the mobile version of a blog or website by simple typing into your address bar for example will display the mobile version of

Please Note: That trick only work with blogger/blogspot websites, trying that trick on a WordPress website will only display a ‘Not Found’ Page.

2. You can also view the mobile version of some website by simply typing into your address bar for example, will lead you to a customized mobile version of which I created using mobstac.

Please Note: Most website on the internet use the m tag but most websites don’t. Most websites that use the m mobile version are, etc.

Viewing Mobile Version Of Websites On Mozilla FireFox Browser

Although the above tricks works even with firefox, there are still some plugins that can be used in attaining this goal and this is via installing Mobile User Agent Plugins on your firefox browser.

There are loads of them to choose from hence conducting a search on google could help with a list to choose from or simply use the search bar on the firefox add on window.

Hope this helps in helping you view the mobile version of websites on your PC Computer and Firefox Browser?

  1. Dawah says

    Yeah u are right but u can also view mobile version of wordpress blog by typing on your address bar

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thanks for the add bro. 🙂

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