Just Received Your First Google Adsense Cheque? Here Is What You Do Next


I want to believe that i obviously do not need to go about explaining what Google Adsense is here as i will assume you already know what it is and what it entails, right? Following a comments on this blog, a reader recently asked me what he was going to do next as he just received his first Google Adsense cheque and didn’t know what next to do about it in other to get his earnings in raw cash.

To be candid, this is not the first time i have been asked such questions and instead of me saying it again and again, i felt it was best i just wrote on it here as this blog is more or less my lecture ground :).

Well, what next do you do with your Google Adsense cheque? Hmmmm its very simple and at same time it depends basically on where you are situated.

On normal basics, cheques are meant to be deposited in banks until they are been cleared right? OK i know you know that, but its not all accounts that gives room for cheques like Google Adsense Cheque because if you reside outside the united states then such checks are regarded as foreign checks or international checks which can’t be ordinarily deposited in your local account.

received google adsense check

In this case I’d like to use Nigeria as a case study due to the fact that the reader who asked the question seemed to be based in Nigeria hence its obvious he got his cheque right in his country Nigeria.

Alright! When you receive your Google Adsense Check, the next thing you need to do is to deposit the check in your domiciliary Account and that is if your bank supports such services but based on my dealings so far, i would recommend using Guarantee Trust Bank(GTB) as they are efficient and they charge just $10 dollars after which the check would have been cleared.

How Long Does It Take For A Google Adsense Cheque To Be Cleared?

Normally it takes within 14-21 business days for Google Adsense Cheques to be cleared if using GTBank but its advisable you set your bank based on a month for the cheque to be fully cleared and reflect in your foreign account.

Does this answer your question based on what next to do with your Google Adsense Check? If you have any more question or contribution, please feel free to ask or add using the comment form.

  1. Ibrahim Abdullahi says

    Nice write-up. GTB rocks when it comes to dealing with adsense cheques.

  2. donatus says

    Sam, you did well to outline this tips, Gtbank is really working hard.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yep their service is pretty cool.

  3. Sahil garg says

    Hi sam
    Please tell what is GT bank I have account on Allahbaad bank so can I submit checks there ?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      GTBank is the bank i use here for my foreign checks, inquire from your bank there if they accept foreign draft and deposit.

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