Some Funny April Fool’s Pranks And SMS Text Messages 2013

Hello Friend, am pretty sure you are aware that today is the beginning of a new month, Yeah April 1st 2013 and i hope you are aware of what today is, Its actually recognized as April Fool’s day.

For the newbies, do you have a clue to what april fool’s day means? Well, its actually a day when you are expected to make funny jokes and pranks on your friends, family and people around you.

Here is a tip, do not take serious anything that was said or done to you today, do you know why? Because its april fool’s day hence 90% of events today are just jokes and pranks for you to fall.

How It Works?

When someone plays a prank on you and you eventually fall into it then you will be regarded as April Fool and they gist of you. Its actually fun if you understand very well how it is done but am pretty sure you have a clue lol.

Funny April Fool’s Pranks

Here am going to share some funny pranks you can use on any one but please note that you are doing this totally on your own risk hence will not be heard responsible for anything cursed.

april fool's day pranks

  • Take your victim’s disposable water bottle and make sure the lid is on tight and that it is completely full. Then take a small push pin and put several holes in the bottom. A small amount of water will drip out when you do this, but then water pressure will prevent any more from coming out the holes. When your victim grabs the bottle, it will either leak when they squeeze it, or water will come pouring out of the holes when they take off the top.
  • This one takes a small investment, but it’s worth it. Borrow one of your victim’s business cards and have it duplicated, but change one small thing–the spelling of their last name, or their job title, for instance. Sneak in and replace your victim’s cards with the new ones. When the time is right, casually ‘notice’ the mistake. Your victim will freak out thinking they’ve been handing out business cards with a typo on them! (Can also be done with their resume, important projects that they’ve already turned in, etc.
  • Here’s one of the simplest April Fool’s Day pranks: Use a pin to make a few small holes in a plastic disposable cup. The holes should be near the top, just below the rim. Offer a drink to the victim and watch while the liquid dribbles out onto their shirt when they take a drink.
  • This is the most classic and simple prank ever. Balance a small disposable cup of water on the top of a partially open door. Then wait for the splash as the victim opens the door.
  • Place a bottle of liquid dish soap into the toilet tank. The next person to flush the toilet will be greeted with an overwhelming amount of bubbles.

Some Funny April Fool Joke Text Messages(SMS)

Yes you necessarily do not have to play a prank to get someone cot, you can also have funny using sms text messages and here are some april fool sms you can use:

NeeDS U..
Worries About U
Lonely Without U
Guess Who?
… THE ZOO ..

You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!
Just a second, don’t misunderstand.
CUTE means:

Fact1: You can not touch
your lower lip with your tounge…

Fact2: After reading this,
99/100 idiots would try it

Summary: Btw, Hey U Know Which is the best day to propose a girl.. its actually on April 1st, U Know Why?? If she accept its your luck otherwise just tell April Foooool.

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  1. LOL. These pranks sound rude. But funny

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