Unlocking Etisalat ZTE MF631 HSUPA USB Modem

For quite some time now I have been posting tutorials on this blog aimed at aiding readers on how they can unlock 3G USB Modems based on their different networks and for quite sometime now I have been getting feedbacks and calls on how to unlock Etisalat ZTE Modems and I usually respond stating that I have not tried using an Etisalat Modem before neither have I tried unlocking one hence i cannot give out an information i have not tried.

Fortunately for me, Yesterday a close friend of mine who runs ngstudentsresource.com contacted me and asked how

he could unlock his Etisalat MF631 ZTE USB modem which he just bought, I requested that I see the modem first before commencing the unlocking but the dude couldn’t wait till we could meet because we live quite far from each other hence he asked if there was any tip I could render for it to be done and he wanted to try out the MTN BIS on PC.

How To Unlock Etisalat MF631 ZTE Modem

ZTE modems generally cannot be unlocked via the use of Master Codes or sorts hence they need the use of Unlocking Software like DC-Unlocker and DC-Unlocker works well in unlocking Etisalat MF631 modems and probably other etisalat ZTE modems.


Download My Version Of the Unlocking Software Here

Plug your USB modem to the USB port with an invalid SIM inside it(another network sim), close down the etisalat modem interface that shows up and launch the software.

Select ZTE in the Manufacturer field and choose Auto Detect as the Model

Click the Auto Detect Modem as illustrated in the Image below and your modem’s information should be displayed in the software screen.

unlock etisalat zte mf631 modem

Click Unlock(located at the top-right side of the page)

And you should get a successful message that reads : Modem Successfully Unlocked!

I have a comprehensive tutorial on when i wrote on how to Unlock GLO Netpro Modem, the tips there are same in unlocking etisalat ZTE MF631 Modems.

Next, Close the software, remove the modem and re-fix the modem with any SIM of your choice and you are good to go.

That’s it friend, that’s the basic procedure my friend and I were able to unlock his Etisalat ZTE MF631 USB Modem without paying a Dime and this should work for you too.

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  1. Suqueque Ajimebue Ekun says:

    men, tanks it works like magic and u actually provide these service free of charge, God bless u my brother.

  2. Olusola Olamide says:

    Guy! you are the best. Thanks for the software. It works

  3. tega sylvester says:

    it worked perfectly well. thanks dude. am grateful.

  4. Promise says:

    Mehn…..This software is damn good…just one touch… Thanks bro.

  5. This is NIce just in monkey’s eye blinking Etisalat ZTE MOden unlocked

  6. How do I unlock an Etisalat Huawei modem?

  7. adexagro says:

    you are too much my guy. u are a blessing to us.

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow……..its working…….from 2 months I am searching for software. now I got the softwae. thank you dude…….

  9. Anonymous says:

    all I can say is u are blessed.

  10. Thanks Mr. Sam, but pls can d software be downloaded using a mobile phone, if yes how do i use it on PC…

  11. Tnx Big Sam, u’r d man. I jst did it wit my PC and it work 100%… God bless u so much

  12. Just like magic. It worked 100%. Thanks so much… God will keep on blessin u. Tnx

  13. heritage says:

    i try to unlock my modem ZTE 631 but i could not get it. I use DC-Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1005. All my effort prove abortive. Please help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I try to unlock my modem ZTE MF631 but i could not unlock it. I use DC-Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1005 but all my efforts prove abortive. Please help me out Sam. Thanks!!!

  15. Thanks so much. It worked so easily after days of trying.

  16. Tolulope Adeshakin says:

    Oh my God, this is just too fantastic. Pls add me with my email on facebook. we an do alot of stuffs 2gether.

  17. Can this software unlock all HSUPA modem or only etisalat. I ask because I have a ZTE CE1588 HSUPA MTN modem

  18. Wow….I did it, It works….thx

  19. really it works faster guys tanx so much samuel

  20. Thanks for the good work here,

    However, After using the software u gave, it’ s writing card not found. Help!!
    isn’t there a way to resolve this?

  21. Just tried it again. IT WORKED!!! Thanks mhan! How do i configure other sims now that it is unlocked?

  22. The tutorial is clear enough and self explanatry. But my fear is that someone told me that if you unlock a modem that it will start malfunction sooner or later. How true is this? If u can assure me that the modem will b fine after d procedure then I’ll go ahead and do it. Thanks bro

    • Seriously buddy, i do not think that report is correct. I have unlocked my modem and have been using it for close to a year now and haven’t for once experienced any issues with it. I am currently using it now in replying this comment.

  23. Ok bro. Can u pls send me an already extracted copy of the software cos am having issues downloadign it, when i want to extract it the system will say it is corrupt. My mail is ikbright2000@gmail.com I will highly appreciate this

  24. Thanks bro…….i had gone on a goose chase b4 hitting ur blog…. thanks so much

  25. Thanks Samuel, i was able to unlock my MF631 modem without stress and not paying a dime.
    Please keep up the good work. You are blessed.

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