Using 2go On Android Phone, How To Download 2go Chat Messenger On Android

A reader of my blog recently asked me, ‘Please How do i download and use 2go on my Android phone?‘ And i gave him a tip that i think might work because after telling him what to do, i did not get a feedback from him up till this moment and that’s so not good of him, Really because i always appreciate feedback from my readers but then i still do want to share a tip or two on how to use 2go on android device and how android users can get the 2go chat messenger to work on his or her device.

What Is 2go Messenger?

For those who still do not understand what 2go messenger is, let me give a brief introduction to what this term 2go Messenger entails. 2go Messenger is a social network app that allows you chat and meet new and old friends via its social network application.

Based on my inspection so far, 2go works with all mobile devices i have come across and am very sure it will work on an Android phone too.

How To Download And Use 2go Messenger On Android OS Smart Phone Devices

using 2go on android phone

In other to download and use 2go social messenger on your android, all you need do is follow these simple steps.

Visit 2go official website on using your native browser as this will enable the 2go website to automatically detect your device and choose the right version for your android device.

Please do not access the website using any other browser like opera-mini, Skyfire Browser or others as 2go will not be able to identify your device from those browsers so i’d recommend you go with your default android browser.

Now, if there is a working version for your kind of mobile device, choose to download the app and you are done.

Isn’t it that simple?

Now, did it really work for you? Do let us know if you were able to make 2go works on your android smart phone using the comment form below.

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    Is this similar to Viber, Tango, BBM and other chat messenger available anywhere in the world? Haven’t heard of it though.

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  3. Hi, I would like to skype on my iTel iNote Mini phone.. A video call. How do i access it?

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