Adding Twitter Follow Box Widget To Blogspot And WordPress Blog


If you are looking out to promoting your twitter page on your blog using a bigger widget then the Twitter Follow Box widget will do just that for you as it is similar with that of the facebook like box and using this widget is sure to give you more twitter followers if properly placed in an angle where your your visitors can easily see it and click on follow.

Personally for me, am not currently using the widget on my blog not because i do not like it but because there is not enough space on my sidebar to fit in it and i do not want to congest the site because am considering page load time but hey! Do not get me wrong, the twitter follow widget do not have any negative effect in your blog’s page load time.

Adding the follow widget to a blogger blog is very easy same as doing it on wordpress too but lets start with the blogger(blogspot) blog first.

How To Add Twitter Follow Box Widget To Blogger Blog

To add this widget box to your blogspot blog, just follow me using my procedures.

First, I will assume you are logged into your blogger dashboard which is on the new interface, if you have more than one blog on your dashboard then click on the one you want to add the twitter widget to and Navigate to Layout, Now which angle would you want to insert your follow box? I’d advice placing it anywhere in my sidebar but please do not take my word for it, its your blog so you should figure out where you would want it to me.

Now, click on Add A Gadget and choose HTML/JavaScript and when it displays  the box for your html code, simply input this:

<script type=”text/javascript”




Trueinternet in the code above is actually my twitter handle so please remember to change the word to your twitter handle and click on Save, or do you want to help in promoting mine? 😀.

Visit your blog and see how it looks like, cool right?

Now to WordPress users,

How To Add Twitter Follow Box Widget To WordPress Blog

Am pretty sure you should know your way to adding html codes to your wordpress blog but if you do not, well don’t worry, this post is definitely gonna help.

From your WordPress blog dashboard, Navigate to Appearance and Click on Widgets, Drag a Text Widget to the angle where you want the twitter follow box to display and paste the above code into it and click on Save, now view your blog and you should find the twitter follow widget displaying on your blog.


twitter follow widget on blog

Oh yes, the widget has got a disadvantage just like its got advantages and that’s the fact that sometimes the widget displays twitter handle name as undefined instead of trueinternet for example, just like in the case of the screenshot above, you can see it displaying undefined instead of the twitter account name but don’t worry, it works very well most times.

Hope the twitter follow box widget works for you?

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