How I Registered / Activated Avast AntiVirus For LifeTime Using License Key For Free

Yesterday I actually got an HP Mini Laptop from a friend and why exploring the laptop system I realized that the antivirus had expired, he had been using avast antivirus which seemed to had long expired and am pretty sure he wasn’t aware that using an expired antivirus definitely does not protect the system anymore.

I also realized that when I tried installing my airtel E173u-2 modem on the system it was not working, the modem is actually a plug and play modem which is supposed to automatically install and run the modem interface on the windows from there am supposed to be able to connect and surf the internet but it wasn’t working that way, well I don’t wanna bore you with that story now maybe on another post where I will be talking exclusively on that hence let’s move back to the subject matter.

How I Registered Avast Antivirus For LifeTime Using License Key For Free

Usually, it is said that you need to be registered and your software needed to be licensed which of course is gonna cost some amount of money before you can enjoy a full avast protection for a specific period of time but guess what, I registered and reactivated the avast antivirus on the HP mini laptop for absolutely free just with the use of a license key I got online without paying any dime and here is a breakdown on how I did it.

register Avast antivirus for lifetime


Click on the Start button and navigate to Control Panel

Next, click on Programs and features to open a window that displays the currently installed programs on your computer

Look closely at the Avast! Free Antivirus installed on your PC, other the label where its stated Version, note the Version of the antivirus installed

Go on google search and search for the license key for the version of your antivirus

After getting that, Click on the avast antivirus icon on your desktop(double-click) and under registration, choose to enter license key

Type in the License Key you got earlier in Capital Letters and Click Ok, if the License key was correct then Congratulations, you’ve registered your Avast antivirus software for absolutely free.

The one I did for mine is due to expire year 2038, that’s a very long time and I doubt if this HP Mini laptop will still be existing till then therefore its more like I activated mine for a lifetime and to cap it all, I was also able to fix the modem problem without having to format the system which some engineers had adviced earlier, I just had to spend some time thinking about possible ways on how I could get it done and am happy I was able to fix that, at least the trueinternetworld blogger has learnt a new thing.

Hope this tutorial helps you in registering and activating your avast antivirus for free using license key?

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  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says:

    Hmm! The day one stops learning is the day one dies. Pls, can you post the solution you did to the modem problem, someone once brought that problem to me to solve but couldn’t get it.

  2. Hi Sam longest time, pls i need to know if there is any latest browsing cheat on ground.

  3. braimoh simpa says:

    u r realy a guru.i just did mine,n it will expire by 2038. Tnx so much.God will gv u more wisdom

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