How To Use UBA Africard Online For Payment Transactions


Following a comment on a post where I had talked on the UBA Africard which is verified by VISA, a reader stated that he tried using his card for making some payment online but the card was declined and her on this post, I’d want to write on how to Use Your UBA Africard Online Successfully.

Personally, I have been using the UBA Africard since sometime last year and I have not been having issues with it as I have been using it to pay for services on major sites like godaddy(domain name), hostgator(hosting last year), hawkhost(hosting monthly) Facebook advertising, Google Adword Advertising, and even paying for Mobstac Service(for ogbongeblogger this year) hence, I have not been having issues using the card anywhere.

I actually reduced my urge to using the card when I realized that my GTB mastercard can also be used in most sites tho not all and GTB is where I’d keep my funds most times.

If you are having problems using your card in making payments online then there is a possibility that you are not inputting the card details properly so on this post I’d want to give you a run down on how you can conduct a transaction successfully.

How To Use UBA Africard Online For Successful Payment

UBA AfriCard online for payment successfully

First, like I had stated on my previous post relating to this, there are basic two types of Africard, the personalized and the unpersonalized and you will be asked which would you like to go for upon requesting for the card, personally I use a unpersonalized uba africard(tho thinking of getting the personalized one soon) and here’s run down on how to use it.

When trying to make payment on any site, first make sure the site accepts VISA, if they do then you are good to go because the UBA Africard is verified by VISA.

When inputting your card details, where its stated that you enter the card details, enter the 16 digits card number which is the bold numbers at the front of the card.

When asked Name on Card, for a non-personalized card, use UBA CARDHOLDER as the name on card and not your name, unless you are using a personalized card then you can use your name which will be clearly written on your card.

When asked card expiring date, am pretty sure you know how to get that right? If you don’t, then take a close look at your card, its stated below your card number before your card name, just search for ‘EXPIRES END»‘ have you got the expiry date number? That’s good, now use that in the details online.

When asked CCV, just turn your card to the back and look for the three numbers after some white closed space, seen that? That’s the CCV number for your card, do keep this private and confidential.

After putting those details, click proceed or OK to continue with the payment, you used get a successful payment transaction complete and an alert on your card that payment have been taken and that’s it, you have been able to successfully make payment online using your UBA Africard, hope this was helpful?

  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Thanks geek for the info. But the Africard is not the only offer UBA can give. Even the ATM card issued by UBA can be used for online payment because it is supported by MasterCard(the old one is also supported by Visa).
    When I needed a card, I had to go for the ATM MasterCard in place of the AfriCard because I was told I would be charged #105 each time I recharge my AfriCard account. Though it meant I had to be an account holder.
    Also, ATM cards of Access and Zenith banks are supported by Visa.
    Moreover, other banks have other card apart from their normal ATM cards which are supported by Visa or MasterCard. For example, Ecobank charges #200 per month for its Eco VisaCard.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      The prob is that, most of this card may not work on all sites but so far so good, the uba africard has been working well and yes you are been charged per recharge.

      1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

        I think they should be usable once the site supports MasterCard. I was also told that both Visa Card and MasterCard are widely accepted for online payment.

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Trust me bro. i know of a fellow blogger who used to use the Zenith Bank Visa card for payment on a particular site but the card suddenly failed him at a time even the GTB Mastercard couldn’t help, only the UBA Africard helped. They all carry verifications by visa or mastercard but not all are accepted on all websites.

          1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

            OK geek. That is where experience comes in. This is experience speaking. You win me hands down.

  2. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Bros, I hail oooooooooo. In fact, I learnt a big lesson of my life. Actually, I should have let experience take the absolute lead but I had a big flop. I also tried to make an online payment with my new UBA ATM MasterCard on AliExpress but it was rejected. I was told that my card is a debit card which can’t be used except it is a a credit card.
    I must confess I have been humbled.
    The truth is I have never made any online payment before. I assumed based on an article I read that Visa and MasterCard are used to make online payments. But, what was lacking in my knowledge is I didn’t know there are credit cards (though I had known a long time ago that ATM cards are debit cards.
    NEVER will I argue with you again especially anything I am not sure about.

  3. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    wow! I just used my ATM MasterCard on DealExtreme and it worked. Hmm! Experience number 2. But, I still need to get one that can work on all sites.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      You really got me smiling there bro. UBA Africards are credit cards hence am pretty sure it should work on all websites unless there isn’t enough funds on the card.

      1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

        And you got me felling humbled. Please, how much are you charged on the AfriCard?

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Do you mean how much i got the card? If yes, i actually got it for N700 and loaded some amount in it tho. maybe i should bring up a comprehensive post on that too.

          1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

            No. I mean how much you are billed either per month or per transaction or as applicable.

          2. Adeniyi Samuel says

            to be candid pal., i really haven’t settle down to calculate that but i know am been charged whenever i recharge the card. But will make inquires about that whenever i get to the branch around here.

          3. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

            Yes boss! I was told it is #105.00 every time I recharge. The question is: What if I recharge 7 times in a month?

          4. Adeniyi Samuel says

            Calculate N105 multiplied by 7, am sure you know the maths pal 🙂

          5. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

            That is it boss. Will I be charged at that ridiculous price. There should be a better option elaewhere. I will try out ALL the banks tomorrow to know the most befitting.

  4. Donatus says

    Thanks for sharing, africard Visa card has been very good to me and my online payments

    1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

      Hi, Donatus. I would to ask how often do you make payments? Hence, how often do you recharge your account?

  5. Stanley Jackson says

    Thaks for the info. Pls I have a question. What is the Billing address of the UBA Africard

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      The billing address is the address you used when signing up for the card at the bank, more like your home address. Hope you understand?

  6. Divine says

    Thanks for this article. I’m from Ghana but it really helped me. I will like to know if I can receive payment from clickbank with the unpersonalised uba africard. I will be grateful to have detailed info. Once again, thank you so much.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Well, if it possible for clickbank to make payments to your visacard then its possible to use your africard to receive payment tho i doubt if its possible to receive payment via africard.

  7. Emmanuel MBA says

    UBA has become one of the most reliable online CC in Nigeria, It is incredible how wide it is accepted. On the 14th of Oct 2013, I used it to renew my domain on godaddy, and I also used it to pay for a VPN with a US website I think. They are making things easier and I really appreciate the good work. Thanks for taking your time on this.

    Online MBA Programs

  8. JEk says

    What if you are asked for billing address?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Jek, Just input the billing address you used when signing up for the credit card from your local bank.

  9. Sarah says

    Please after getting the card will i be able to fund it immediately and also use it for an online transaction on the same day?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes sure. As long as the money reflects in the account.

  10. AKAT IVO OROCK says


  11. Harmony says

    Good day every1, I’m using UBA Africard & I want to make an online transaction where “credit card number”, “card ID”, type of payment & expiration date is required. Hw will I get all these info 4rm my card pls. Thanks

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Check your credit card Sir, you should find them boldly written on it.

  12. akat ivo orock says

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  13. akat ivo orock says

    good night.all bye.goodbye.thank so much.

  14. akat ivo orock says

  15. tope says

    pls i need more update on this ubaafricard, i spoke with one of their customer care just yesterday she told me that there is limitation place on the card for now, she said i can only use it for local transaction now, i.e it can not work for international transaction for now and i dont know how far is true may be she doesnt know much about d card. pls help

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