Huawei E173 Data Card Modem Does Not Show Unlock Code Space, Use DC – Unlocker

Following one of my previous post where I had shared a step-by-step guild on how I unlocked airtel huawei E173u-2 modem, I realized that some of the readers complained of the fact that they could not find any unlock code space where they could type the master code to unlock the modem, okay let me explain better on that.

Based on the previous post on the subject matter, I categorically explained that I had to generate the master unlock code to my airtel E173u-2 modem online to unlock the modem successfully without having to use any software like the dc unlocker or sorts, but following comments and calls I have been receiving relating to huawei E173 usb data card modems, reports have it that no space was displayed for them to enter the modem master unlock code when a different network sim was inserted.

This has made me look categorically to why this is happening and here is what I have realized. No doubt I use an airtel E173u-2 USB modem and I have been using that since last year but based on my speculations, it seems I am using an old version of it which I would say I was lucky to have and I guess that was the reason why unlocking the modem was very easy for me.

airtel huawei E173 usb modem

Now, there seems to be new versions of the huawei E173 data card modems courtesy of airtel and the unfortunate thing is, this new sets or version of modems cannot be unlocked using same steps with the old version, so how do folks unlock this new E173 version?

Unlocking Huawei E173 Data Card New Version Modems

Unlocking the huawei E173 modems is relatively very simple but requires using a popular unlocking software known as DC-Unlocker and not just that, but you also need to have credits in your account before you can successfully unlock the modem.


I’d recommend you download the latest version of the Dc-Unlocker software which is version  dc-unlocker_client-1.00.1024 from dc-unlocker website here.

You also need a working dc-unlocker username and password, this is required for authentication when unlocking the modem using the dc software.

You also need to have dc-unlocker credits loaded on your account username and password, depending on your modem but I’d recommend getting like 6 credits and 1 credit costs 1 euro. You can purchase credits via using paypal funds or you can as well use the dealers on the DC-unlocker website if you do not have a PayPal account.

You will be needing an active internet connection on your computer, this is to enable your dc-unlocker software connect to the internet in other to verify and successfully unlock your USB modem.

Have you got all that in place? if Yes, then lets Move On…

Connect your Huawei E173 data card modem to your PC with an unsupported sim card via a USB Port and it will automatically bring up the modem interface, simply close the modem interface window and launch your downloaded DC-Unlocker Software.

Use the DC-Unlocker Software as i have formally illustrated on this post to detect your Huawei E173 modem. After successful detection, click on Server and input your already credited username and password as illustrated in the screenshot below:

dc-unlocker software configuration for huawei e173 modem

Now, Head back to the Unlocking option and click on Do Job, the software will connect online and after successful verification of your username and password, your huawei modem will be unlocked and you should get a successful notification.

Close DC-Unlocker, remove and re-insert your Huawei E173 Modem using an another network SIM CARD and you shouldn’t get an error again because you are good to using your unlocked huawei data card modem with other network sims, hope this was helpful?

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  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says:

    The DC-Unlocker I downloaded from your site had credits preloaded on it, so can’t it work or was I lucky to get it from you then?

    • No it doesn’t pal, that was a special one i uploaded but cannot be used with the huawei E173 modems 🙂

    • new huawei unlock codes available in private solution

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          • You are a scammer Dinesh.
            YOU CHEATED ME TOO.
            SCAMMER. HOPE YOU DIE!

          • Veeramanikandan says:

            Your Message To Unlock Admin Datacard Unlock Scam by kk dinesh babu!!!!
            I transferred rs 300 for datacard unlock to his below Icici account .
            to below person – Dinesh babu and his details are below

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  2. Ismaila A. Jonathan says:

    I got two of from you. The first only has to be downloaded and launch ‘dc-crap.exe’ file while the second has to installed as a software on your computer after downloading.

  3. Dinezh Babu says:

    unlock your new modem(2013 modls) @ rs 200 only. unlock codes @ rs 50.
    RS.200 modem unlock huawei airtel idea vodafone aircel zte modem 2013 models.

  4. I got two of from you. The first only has to be downloaded and launch ‘dc-crap.exe’ file while the second has to installed as a software on your computer after downloading.

  5. hello, I will like to unlock HUAWEI Modem with details below
    model: E173u-2
    IMEI: 860872017056863
    S/N: ADABYA9351416511

    details from DC unlocker from the latest 1.00.1034

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1034

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    Found modem : E173
    Model : Huawei E173
    IMEI : 860872017056863
    Serial NR. : ADABYA9351416511
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Apr 23 2013 17:22:37
    Hardware ver. : CD1E153M
    Dashboard version : UTPS23.
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6290
    Voice feature : enabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (customized firmware)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

    Firmware not supported !

    note: I have purchased credit already to unlock, I have 7 credit. please help

    • It seems you have before now entered 10 wrong codes for that modem.

      • I did not enter wrong code at all because initially the modem did not present space to enter code.

        • Ismaila Jonathan says:

          @ademola. Sori to ask u dis questton. Did u buy d modem new? And since when hav u been using it?
          Because sumtin I discover abt people who bring their modem to me either do not remember giving it to someone to try and unlock or they have no idea that somebody had tried to work on it.

          • Please try to respond to my pings on ur bb, av being try to chat with you but no response. I bought it new

          • Sorry buddy, its just that i don’t feel cool answering questions related to my blog contents off my blog. Will look into your ping tho

    • Ismaila Jonathan says:

      Sori @ademola. I don’t think anythin can be done to it bcus looking at the msg towards d end, it says you hav no unlock attempts left.

  6. Ismaila Jonathan says:

    @ademola. I learnt there is a way to use another sim on a modem without unlocking it. Though, I haven’t tried it personally because all my modems have been unlocked (thanks to guru samuel). But u can give it a try.
    You can let me know if you are interested.

  7. Harrison Igiehon says:

    Pls I bought thesame model and I was unable to unlock it, pls has anyone unlock thiers,,,if yes, how did u do it,,,pls I beg u all help me out,,,,God bless u all.

  8. Harrison Igiehon says:

    I’m using d New version which I bought over a week ago,,,I’ve taken it to several shops in Benin here they were unable to unlock it,,do u knw if it can be unlock

    • Yes i think it can be unlocked but you would sure need dc-unlocker credits in other to unlock it.

      • Harrison Igiehon says:

        this is the info i got after i i auto detect it,,,

        DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1057

        Detecting modem :

        selection :
        manufacturer – Huawei modems
        model – Auto detect (recommended)

        Found modem : E173
        Model : Huawei E173
        IMEI : 860872017525164
        Serial NR. : ADABYA9380718230
        Firmware :
        Compile date / time : Apr 23 2013 17:22:37
        Hardware ver. : CD1E153M
        Dashboard version : UTPS23.
        Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6290
        Voice feature : enabled
        SIM Lock status : unlocked
        Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

        i really dont want to spend moni in purchasing Dc credit and i will be unable to unlock it, d way it is now i’m even feelin dat i wasted d fund i used in acquiring it so i dont want to waste more moni. PLS HELP ME TO FIND OUT IF IT CAN BE UNLOCK WITH THE ABOVE INFO ABT D MODEM,,,,
        GOD BLESS U

        • Looking from the information here, it seems you have entered the wrong unlock code 10 times. I really cannot ascertain whether or not it can still be unlocked pal.

        • Ismaila Jonathan says:

          These network operators are now getting smart in the sense that they now produce modems that can’t be unlocked.
          But, i learnt there is a universal modem that uses ALL networks and it is even cheapera. someone sells it here for #5000.

  9. Found Applications port COM13
    Found Diagnostics port COM13

    Interface :
    Found modem : E5172s-920
    Model : _Unknown Huawei router_
    IMEI : 860453022188213
    Firmware : V200R001C1179SP061
    Hardware ver. : Ver.B
    Web UI version :
    Voice feature : unknown(read failed)
    SIM Lock status : unlocked

    this is the details i get yet i cant use other sims with it

    • I really cannot be able to diagnose where the problem could be coming from because looking from the information given above by you, your modem says ‘Unlocked’. What error does it display when you try using another sim in it?

  10. is a scammer … don’t give him your money …. he took 7.4€ from me paid via paypal and he stopped replying to my emails …. I’ve never received a code !!!!

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  11. Dont send money to dinesh, he is fraud, I have proof, I have send him money for unlock and he didnt fixed it and didnt refund also, he is cheat.

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