New To Blogging? Choose The Right Platform For Your Blogging Journey


Over the times there have been lots of competitive remarks and recommendations between which blogging platform to go for when choosing to start off as a blogger or creating a bblog. Knowing the two major blogging platforms been used in creating a blog to be Blogger(Blogspot) and WordPress(Self hosted), you are probably left with a hard thinking to making the right decision in choosing the blogging platform that fits you so as not to regret in the later run.

Choose The Blogging PlatForm That Fits You!

choosing the right blogging platform

Been a user of both blogging platform, blogger which is popularly known as blogspot and WordPress, i have obviously had lots of experience with the both platforms and with that i think its best you stick to what i say remember its always best to follow who already had experience so that you don’t have much problems on the way.

  • Choose Blogger, Why Blogger(Blogspot)?

blogger blogging platformI actually stated my blogging career on the blogspot or blogger platform and the experience was quite good and there are some advantages to why you should use blogger because:

1. Its Free: Using blogger is absolutely free. You might have come across lots of domains on search engines using domain names like, and sorts ending with the sub-domain these are blogs created on blogger for free without paying a single dime.

2. Unlimited Usage: Following the first reason i gave on choosing blogger as a blogging platform because its free, it might get you thinking like ‘isn’t there any limitations since its free?‘ I quite understand that most freebies on the internet usually have a way around extorting money from its users by simply engaging them to upgrade to premier packages and stuffs like that but using blogger is absolutely free and there are no limitations what so ever in using blogspot.

3. Advertising And Monetizing: Using Blogger which is same as blogspot, you have the power to monetize and make money from your blog via google adsense with or via other money making means without sharing your earnings or having limitations in anyway even with your domain name.

4. Upgrade To A Custom Domain With Ease: Using a free just doesn’t sound professional to you neither does it sound professional to me or your readers (Oh yeah! Most readers don’t care provided they get what they want). Using the free domain doesn’t even sound too easy to remember and your recurrent users may always have to access your blog via bookmarks or via search engines. Thinking of switching to a custom domain on blogger is very easy to do and i usually advice bloggers who are serious to start up with a custom domain instead of a free domain.

5. Easily Move To WordPress: Yeppy, this is the interesting part of using blogger, at some point in your blogging time you might feel its high time you step up your blogging style and do something more with your blog and want to move to a self-hosted WordPress where freedom is more guaranteed, the process is very easy and doesn’t take up to 10 minutes. Trust me!.

  • Choose WordPress, Why WordPress?

wordpress blogging platformFirst, i would want to note out here that WordPress comes in two versions, the free and the self hosted. Don’t even go for the free version because there are limitation you won’t like and am sure you would want to make money off your blog huh ;). Don’t worry i write on that soon. WordPress Platform is  great for in angles like:

1. Simplicity: WordPress is great for been simple to use and i usually tag wordpress to be for lazy bloggers. Oh please don’t get me wrong, when i meant lazy i mean lazy in codings like editing html codes unlike in blogger where you really need to have the ideas to html and how to apply them. Using WordPress, there are lots of great and exciting plugins to enhance your blog with much lesser work.

2. Requires Hosting: Blogger is hosted on google for free and with that you need not bother about getting a reliable hosting account but with self-hosted WordPress, you obviously need to get an hosting account to host your blog and getting a reliable hosting company can be very demanding sometimes but don’t worry i can recommend some reliable ones i know for you.

3. Pro-Blogging: In my number two(2) reason for choosing WordPress as a blogging platform, i actually stated that WordPress is for lazy bloggers in terms of simplicity but at same time, WordPress are for pro-bloggers and that’s why you see most well recognized blogs using WordPress platform and you know what…trueinternetworld,net is also on the WordPress PlatForm ;).

4. Advanced Features And SEO: On WordPress you can do more with the help of plugins and wordpress is also easy to learn and practice seo which is called search engine optimization.

There are other blogging platforms on the internet and i will be outlining them soon but these two i talked about here is what i recommend because of their flexibility hence, The ball is in your court now, which blogging platform would you rather start with?

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    nice post dude, wordpress is wonderful if you are planning to take blogging as a profession or a career, but if you are a newbie thinking of starting a blog and you are not ready to send money then is the best ideal for you

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