How To Root Tecno N7 Using SuperOneClick And Unlock Root Downloader


Following one of my posts where I had talked on advantages and disadvantages based on rooting android phone, I recall promising to post tips and tutorials on how to root some android phones based on their models and here on this page, I just want to share with you how to root tecno N7 mobile phone device using Superoneclick and Unlock Root Downloader.

Usually, Tecno company is recognised for producing china made phones but recently they have moved up in their product by stepping up to producing mobile phones that run on android OS and are relatively cheap hence if cost is one of the reasons you can not use an android phone, cheer up pal because tecno has come to help as the prices are relatively cheap compared to other android mobile phone manufacturers.

The Tecno N7 is an awesome mobile phone device running on Android 4.0.4 mobile OS and just so you know, rooting the device will give you a higher privilege therefore you can tweak your device absolutely to your own taste so let’s commence to the subject matter.

How To Root Tecno N7

Before commencing on this process, I’d like to first make it clear to you that rooting your tecno N7 will void its warranty(if yours comes with one) and you will be solely held responsible for your actions. If that is cool with you then let’s move ahead.

In other to move on with the tast of rooting the device, you will need the following programs, SupperOneClick and Unlock Root Downloader.

You can download SuperOneClick program here, and you can download Unlock Root downloader program by clicking here.

Are you done with those?

Fine, install both applications on your computer and connect your tecno N7 on a debuggin mode(this is very essential).

Don’t know How To Put Your Device On Debugging Mode?

From your menu on the mobile, simply go to settings » Developer » Options » Debugging » USB Debugging and tap to enable it.

fix tecno n7 on debugging mood

Upon inserting on your PC, your device drivers will be updated but if that does not happen then launch the SuperOneClick Program and you should get a prompt notification to install the drivers, click on Yes. After successful installation, Disconnect and reconnect your tecno N7 device and you won’t be required to install any drivers again.

Next, on the superOneClick program, click on Root and allow the software to root your tecno device, upon successful completion you will be notified that your tecno n7 has been rooted hence you should restart your tecno mobile phone device at this point.

Root Tecno N7 using superoneclick

Next, Launch the Unlock Root Downloader Program you had downloaded and installed in the first step, click on Root and you should get a warning that your Tecno N7 has been rooted, just ignore the message and click on Proceed and after a while you should get a notification that your tecno n7 has been successfully rooted.

root tecno n7 android

Now, disconnect the mobile device from the computer and download root checker and superUser apps from Google Play Store, you can download Root Checker Here and SuperUser here. The root checker will help you confirm that your device as been properly rooted while the SuperUser app will help you manage apps using SuperUser privileges.

That’s it, you have successfully root your tecno N7 android device hence you have full control over the device now, in my subsequent posts I will be writing on how to root tecno N3 android mobile device and more so if you do not want to miss that am sure you know what to do :).

  1. Jaj says

    pls i wld like to knw how to put my tecno p3 in “download mode” its posible in samsung galaxy s2. i wish to upgrade my OS.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Are you talking about download mode or development mode?

  2. hotbaba says

    please can this work for d3

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Sorry pal. Only for N7

  3. IBM says

    nyc post. really grateful. pls how do I install clockworkmod recovery in techno n7 and also where can I get a copy of the stock recovery image file. thanks in anticipation

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