How To Sideload / Install And Use Android Apps On BlackBerry Playbook

Before now I have always emphasized on posts concerning blackberry tablet and i remember promising that I was gonna write on How to sideload / install and use android apps on blackberry playbook easily without problems and here it is finally.

If you are a blackberry playbook user and never knew you could use android applications on your tablet device, well now you know, the latest version 2.0.1 from RIM supports the use of android apps and games on the blackberry playbook but like I once stated on an earlier post where I talked about sideloading apps on bb playbook, you just cannot download an android app and expect it to work on your playbook device,  it actually needs to undergo a process called Sideloading and this posts is basically to aid you on how you can install and use(sideload) those android apps you’ve always wanted on your bb playbook tablet device.


I’d love us to do this process together but before then, wouldn’t it be nice for you to know all the required items?

1. Your BlackBerry Tablet
2. A Blackberry Playbook USB cable
3. A PC computer(Laptop or desktop)
4. DDPB software
5. Android apps already converted to .bar for sideloading

Please check properly, Have you got the above requirements ready? If yes, then we are good to go.

Steps to Sideloading / Install Android Apps On Blackberry playbook

Click on the settings icon on your BB playbook device,  the settings icon is located at the top right end of the screen

Navigate down to security and select Development mode, tap to turn it on. Please note, upon your first time of turning on the development mode, it is required to choose a password, choose a password you can easily remember and note that you will be needing the password later in the process.

turn on development mode on bb playbook

After turning the development mode on, plug in your playbook device to your computer using the USB cable

Download DDPB Software from here because you obviously going to be using it for the sideloading process, don’t worry I will wait for you.

Done with that? Alright Make sure that your blackberry playbook tablet device have successfully been mapped with your computer, you can confirm this to be successful if your playbook states that you can now transfer files from your computer to your tablet.

Next, run the DDPB software and where it states blackberry IP, check the scan button and the software should automatically get the ip of your tablet, on the next box key in the password you created when turning on the development mode and click ‘Connect’

sideloading android app on playbook using ddpb installer

When successfully connected, just click on the Add button which is located at the top of the software and select from your computer the converted .bar file of the android app you want to install

Next, tick the box close to the app you added to the software for downloading and tick run after installing, click on Install button and wait till the process is done, this should take some minutes depending on the size of the file you are installing, you should get a done notification when its successful installed and the app will automatically run on your playbook device.

Still confused? Here is a detailed video i did on how i side-load android apps to my bb tablet device and i’d believe it should give you a better understanding on how you too can do yours

That’s it, you have successfully been able to sideload, install and use an android app on your blackberry playbook device.

On my subsequent posts, I will be writing on how to sideload android apps on the blackberry Z10 device, sites to download android apps that are already converted to .bar for blackberry playbook, How to convert android apps to .bar file extension yourself and other tutorials.

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