SideLoading Android Apps On BlackBerry Playbook Tablet : What it really means

A couple of times people have always asked if it was possible to download and use android applications on the blackberry tablet device but the simple truth is Yes/NO and in other to use android apps on blackberry playbook, sideloading android apps on the device is essential.

Okay, I know that my response sounds sort of confusing but do not worry, am definitely going to make you understand what I actually mean.

I said Yes in the sense that its possible to use android apps on the playbook device but No in the sense that its not possible to download Android apps on the device, Oh well, you can actually download the apps but its obviously going to be useless, do you know why? Because its not just going to work or run instead you will keep getting an error related to unable to read file and that’s where sideloading the android apps comes in.

What Sideloading Android Apps On BlackBerry PlayBook Really Means

Sideloading generally is a term in which installing android apps on the playbook tablet device is achieved. If you are very conversant with android apps then you should be able to tell that android applications comes with the .apk formats and the blackberry playbook device does not use .apk file extension rather it uses the .bar file extension so what do we do? There are some certain ways in which .apk files can be converted to .bar but doing that doesn’t ordinarily mean you can now commence with downloading the converted .bar file and installing it because it won’t work instead it needed to be sideloaded.

sideloading android apps on blackberry playbook

Hence, Sideloading android apps on the blackberry playbook is a process been put to action to aid the installation and running(use) of android apps on the blackberry playbook device without problems.

Important Requirement For Sideloading Android Apps On BP Tablet

1. A computer
2. Converted .Bar files to sideload
3. DDPB(Software used for Sideloading)
4. BlackBerry USB cable
5. BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Device

Listed above are the basic requirement for sideloading apps, if the .bar apps are already present on your computer then you wouldn’t be needing internet connection for the side-loading process to be complete and please note, not all android apps work on the blackberry playbook but most of them does.

Am currently working on a basic tutorial and video on how to sideload android apps on your blackberry playbook easily without any error and the video should be completed in few days from now therefore, I will be publishing the detailed posts here in a couple of days so please stay tuned.

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