Yahoo Messenger: Online Chat Room No Longer Available On Latest Update


If you have been a long time user of the internet, I mean during the early 20s then Yahoo Messenger should not be a new phrase to you, please my apologizes because I’d believe that even a newbie to the internet must have heard of the yahoo messenger chat service and probably tried it out but I personally knew about it around 2001, yeah that’s how long I have been on the internet but I wasn’t as internet minded and opened as now tho.

Yahoo Messenger is a chat service for yahoo mail users that allows you communicate with friends easily and meet new friends via the chat room service. Yahoo messenger has been my best online chat service until recently yeah, now I don’t feel the need for using the service anymore and that’s prior to the latest update.

Chat Room Service No Longer Available On Yahoo Messenger?

Well as devastating as it may sound, the chat room service is no longer available on yahoo messenger. I actually got to notice this recently when I acquired a new laptop and install the yahoo messenger software only to realize that there isn’t anyway to enter into the chat rooms.

yahoo messenger chat room no longer available

While doing some findings online, it was made clear on the yahoo messenger blog that the Yahoo! Messenger Public chat rooms will close down on December 14, 2012 but I recall I was able to use the chat service this year except for the fact that it seemed like all contacts in the room were bots(not real humans) and I think this is one of the major factor to why they closed down the service(maybe they just couldn’t fight with the spam and all).

Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox Discontinued And More

Further more on the Yahoo! Messenger blog, it was also added that the yahoo messenger pingbox is no longer available hence blogs and social networks using the pingbox are advised to remove it.

More so, it was also made known that Effective since January 30, 2013 the Yahoo! Voice phone In and Phone Out feature will no longer be offered hence users can no longer funds their accounts and existing users will get notification on how they request for a refund.

If you are still using an old version of the Yahoo Messenger software then you probably might have realized that you are been prompted to update to its latest version when trying to sign into your account as old versions can no longer be used.

Summary: Personally for me, this sucks! Yes please forgive my manners but I just need to be sincere, the public chat room feature is one of the best thing that makes me use the messenger service but understanding the fact that the service is no longer available then am left with no choice then sticking to just the yahoo mail service, hence I will just login to my yahoo mail account when done with reading and replying mails, I simply click the log out button or simply open another tab to work on something else but am obviously going to miss the yahoo messenger chat room service.

In my subsequent posts, I will be writing on other alternatives to yahoo messenger that supports chat service using webcam and more but then, what’s your view on this?

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