How To Block PopUp Ads On Your Android Smart Phone Using Ad-Blocker


Popup ads or popup advertising as it is popularly known, can sometimes be very annoying on your Android smartphone, In the sense that, they could distract you basically from what you doing but this actually depends on the ad placement on the site visited and the kinda ads been displayed.

In order to get rid of the popup ads, there are many ad-blocker applications like AdAway, AdBlocker and AdGuard which you can use to block the popup ads.

Android market which is now known as Google Play Store is highly recommended as the best place to get ad-blocker applications. Some of the ad-blocker applications charge a fee while some are free. Choose the type of ad-blocker that you want and download it on your Android smartphone from the play store.
block popup ads on android phones

How To Block Popup Ads On Android Phones

In other for you to block popup ads on your android phone, you need to install adblocker app which can be downloaded fro the Google play store. You can follow these steps to achieve that:

  1. Open the Web browser on your Android Phone. In the “Search” text box, type the URL address, “”. Tap on the magnifying glass icon” (search button).
  2. Located at the top of the page is a “Gmail” link. Tap on the “Gmail” link and use your Gmail account information to log on to the Android Market.
  3. Type “ad blocker” in the “Search” text box on the homepage. Tap on the search button. Browse the list of the free ad-blocker applications. Select the one that will block and prevent popup ads from displaying on your phone.
  4. Tap on the “Install” button next to the name of your preferred ad-blocker application that you want to download.
  5. Tap the “OK” button and confirm that you want the application to be installed. Follow the instructions for downloading the ad-blocker application. When the installation is complete, go to the “Application list on your smartphone and launch the ad-blocker application.
  6. Follow the ad-blocker instructions on how to use it to block popup ads. Select the “Block” option to add your browser application to the Ad Block list.

Or Alternatively:

Just access the Google play store app on your device and search for Ad-Blocker and install directly and you are good to go.

Note: Some of these ad-blocker applications are not free.

In order to unblock your browser application from displaying popup ads, launch the ad-blocker application and tap the “Unblock” button.

Following the above steps, you should be able to block and unblock popup ads or any ads from displaying on your android browser when surfing pages. Feel free to use the comment form if you encounter any problems.

  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Thanks geek.
    But, with my little experience with android, ads do not just jump to your android.
    Some applications on your phone are responsible for it. Some of the applications that do dat on my phone are: talking tom, mosquito repellent, quick office etc.
    Others only notify you of upgrade available.

  2. James Robinson says

    This is what I’m looking for. Yes! No more ads! YAHOOO

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