Choosing A Blogging Niche? 3 Things You Should Have In Mind Before Choosing A Blog Niche


If you have been following and reading my posts here on, am sure by now you should have got a clue to what the term ‘Niche‘ means in blogging, If no, then please kindly take a few of your minutes to read my post on 4 important factors to plan on before creating a blog then come back afterwards to continue on this very post related to choosing a blogging niche because its very essential you know the meaning of what you are reading, right?

Choosing A Blogging Niche?

Ok, like i have said in my previous post, its best you focus on a particular niche and understanding the fact that you could get stucked on not knowing what to write on when based on a particular niche, its cool to add a second niche which are closely related to the current niche you are blogging on but blogging on fashion and blogging on farming do not collide, okay?

Things To Think Of Before Choosing A Niche To Blog On

choosing a blogging niche

Choosing a Niche could vary to different bloggers, the first question you would want to ask yourself is, Why am i blogging? For fun or Making money? A couple of times, loads of people have asked me “Samuel, can you please tell me how i can make fast money online?” and i simply tell them, “Am Sorry pal. but i really got no idea” because blogging doesn’t bring fast money unless you know very well the fundamentals involved in-terms of unique content and more but how can you have a unique content if you do not have a niche to blog on in mind?

  • Blog On What You Love Doing: There is no better fun in blogging other than blogging on what you actually love doing. This is actually the basic principle if you want to enjoy what you do. Personally for me, i love teaching people on stuffs i know related to technology and some other miscellaneous subjects and i really love it.
  • Blog On What You Know: Most bloggers tend to blog on what they basically do not have an idea of (well maybe a very little idea) so they end up copying posts from other blogs and pasting on their blogs and this sucks! Buddy, its best you blog on what you know at least, wouldn’t you like to gain popularity for your own contents?
  • Blog On Topics You Can Defend: Its possible to blog on what you love doing, blog on what you know and still not be able to depend your posts when asked by your readers, do you agree? So please blogger or intending blogger, do blog on topics you know very well that you can defend whenever you are asked any question on and at least, that will allow your readers trust me more.

Please Note: Choosing A Niche to blog on should be your first criteria to plan on even before creating a blog and do not forget that creating thinking is also essential. Hope this post was helpful?

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  1. prince says

    to me if you ask for my opinion i will say a niche is the foundation of building a successful blog

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