Unable To Download And Install Whatsapp On BlackBerry Z10? Here’s The Solution

Following some questions and research I have been doing online lately, I realized that must people are unable to download and install whatsapp application on their blackberry z10 mobile device and I think it would be appropriate for me to help in that aspect on this post.

Personally for me, I think the blackberry 10 devices works almost similar with the blackberry playbook tablet device except for the fact that they both run on different OS but upon start up for the first time, both devices requires WiFi connection in other to download the latest OS software before they can be used.

If you are having problems installing whatsapp on your Z10 device, all you need do is sideload the app into the device.

How Do I SideLoad Whatsapp on Blackberry Z10?

using whatsapp on blackberry z10

Its actually a very simple process believe me but you will need some certain requirements like A computer, A Blackberry USB cable, DDBP software, Internet Connection and of course, your Z10 device. Don’t worry, I will break it down to make you understand why you will be needing these requirements.

  • A Computer: The sideloading process can only be done easily using a computer. Don’t worry, a desktop or laptop should be fine.
  • A BlackBerry USB Cable: This will serve as the medium with which the blackberry Z10 device will be accessed on the computer.
  • DDBP: This is the software needed for the sideloading process. It cannot be used on phone hence, that’s where using a computer comes to play.
  • Internet Connection: You need this to download the whatsapp .bar file and install it on your computer. You do not need it for the side-loading process though. You can simply download whatsapp .bar file here
  • Your Z10 Device: Oh well, I think you know why this is of essence right? So no need for me to start talking on that.

Downloading And Installing(Side-loading) Whatsapp On BlackBerry Z10

First, you need to your z10 device in debugging mode, how? From Options, Navigate down to security and select Development mode, tap to turn it on. Please note, upon your first time of turning on the development mode, it is required to choose a password, choose a password you can easily remember every time because you will be needing the password later in the process.

Next, plug in your z10 device to your computer using the USB cable and wait till its properly authenticated.

Download DDPB Software from here because as stated earlier, you are going to use it for the sideloading process, don’t worry I will wait for you till you done with the download.

Done? Next, run the DDPB software you just downloaded and where it states blackberry IP, check the scan button and the software should automatically get the ip of your tablet, on the next box where its stated “Password”, key in the password you created when turning on the development mode and click ‘Connect

installing and using whatsapp on blackberry z10

When successfully connected, just click on the Add button which is located at the top of the software and select from your computer the downloaded whatsapp file which is in .bar format.

Next, tick the box close to the app you added to the software to select it and tick run after finish, click on Install button and wait till the process is done, this should take some minutes depending on the size of the file you are installing, you should get a done notification when its successful installed and the app will automatically run on your blackberry 10 device.

Does it still sounds confusing to you? Don’t worry, i actually did a video for sideloading android apps on blackberry playbook but same steps works fine for the z10 too. if interested, you can watch it below:

More so, do you know you can actually use some android apps on the z10 device? Just download the .bar format of the app and use the above steps and that should get it fixed for you.

Congratulation, you have been able to successfully download and install whatsapp into your blackberry Z10 mobile device and am sure you should know how to use the app Cheers!

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