How To Email Whatsapp Chat History From iPhone, BlackBerry etc


You might be wondering if its really possible to email whatsapp chat history. Well yes, its very much possible and with this, you can print, backup or do whatever you want to do with it. Email chat history in whatsapp can be done on almost all devices that supports the application, all you need do is toggle round the app to find that out the right option.

On this post, am going to share with you how you can email whatsapp chat history from android, iPhone, blackberry, nokia etc. Please do not get me wrong, all processes are same hence am just going to use a common device and from there you should be able to get it done from other devices also.

Steps On How To Email Whatsapp Chat History

For some reasons best known to you, you might want to send or email a chat history between you and any of your contact, you will need to follow the below steps:

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1. Open your Whatsapp Application, Upon doing that you are automatically taken to your last chat conversations with your contacts, if not done, navigate to Chats from the whatsapp app window.

2. Select Options

3. Navigate to about

4. You will have a screen displayed with Help/FAQ, system status, Network Usage, Account Info, Email Chat History, Contact Support etc or something different depending on the device.

5. Select Email Chat History or Chat Conversation, depending on the device

email whatsapp chat history

6. Then your chat list will be prompted so you can choose the friend you want to email the chat history to.

7. Select the friend from the friend list

8. Open doing that, whatsapp will automatically extract the message and automatically open your email compose window on your device, prompting you to enter the recipient’s email address.

9. Key in the email address of the recipient and select the send button.

10. The chat history will be sent to the email address as an attachment.

There you have it. You have successfully been able to email whatsapp chat history to an email address successfully, if for any reasons you are having issues with this, please post your comment and I would be pleased to reply you.

  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    i hav once tried it bt d result i got wasn’t pleasantt. although all texts of d conversation were sent, d texts were nt arranged as it is in whatsapp app. d texts wer written together as a whole text. d receiver may nt be able to distinguish who was speakin in d conversatn.

  2. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    for fellow android users.
    *long-press d contact which u want to send d conversatn i.e place ur finger on d contact for 2 secs
    *a pop-up menu will appear
    *now follow d instructions givn in d guide

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thanks for the contribution buddy. Its very much appreciated 🙂

  3. Christopher James says

    Neat instructions. I prefer LINE than Whatsapp though.

  4. rajeev says

    For one of my friends the email chat history is not working I am able to send messages and is suceesfully delivered. Any hide last screen is running in his phone Pls reply

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