How To Use Proxy Server To Bypass Blocked Websites


Internet restriction and not been abe to access some websites has affected a lot of internet users from been able to enjoy internet experiences to its full potential. Some websites even limit access from countries from been able to access their website like in the case of Nigeria which has been deleted off the map of a US online bank account which is PayPal and mind you, so also are some numbers of countries too and this unfortunate scenario has affected many internet users worldwide.

Every computer that is connected to the internet has an I.P address, I.P(Internet Protocol) address is simply your computer’s address. Websites restricts I.P addresses because they were able to detect their location from the IP Address information but there is a way to bypass this and enjoy full internet surfing experience and that’s where a proxy server comes to play.

What is A Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a server(a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for web requests. A public proxy server releases their I.P address for you so that you can access other websites using their location.

proxy server connection
The internet is getting bigger everyday and now anyone can get around those internet restrictions. Proxy server is a safe-proof way to bypass the internet restrictions, by using a proxy server you can browse restricted websites without any restriction and without been traced.

Before you start using a proxy, search for a free or paid (if you feel like spending a few bucks) proxy server. Hidemyass public proxies is the best recommended. Furthermore, You can change the I.P address on your browser whether Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer using the below procedures:

Firefox: Tools > Options > Advanced > Settings > Manual proxy configuration.

Chrome: Settings > Network > Change proxy settings > LAN settings > Use proxy server > Advanced > HTTP.

Opera: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Network

Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Connections > LAN settings > Use proxy server > Advanced > HTTP.

Once you have entered the public proxy I.P address and port appropriately, check your I.P address with an I.P address checker e.g. whatismycountry or any other IP checker to confirm that your I.P address has really been changed.

If it has been changed, you can browse on all those sites that you were restricted from before using the proxy server IP address and Enjoy browsing without any internet restriction.

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    Proxy server is one of the most important and powerful means for high authority protocol.

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