QuickTweet – Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts Using QuickTweet Chrome Extension


Twitter is obviously one of the biggest social networking sites after Facebook and there are possibilities of operating or manage multiple twitter accounts for one reason or the other like for bloggers who tend to create different twitter accounts for different blogs etc. A lot of Twitter clients e.g. Hootsuite and TweetDeck do not provide all administrative features for managing multiple Twitter accounts.

Google chrome Web browser provides the solution to managing multiple Twitter accounts by their Chrome extension which is called QuickTweet. QuickTweet is an add-on extension which can be installed on the Google Chrome browser’s add-on bar to enable you manage your multiple Twitter accounts.

How To Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts Using QuickTweet Google Chrome Extension

In order to get started with Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts on chrome, the following steps must be taken:

1.  Install the QuickTweet extension from the Chrome Web Store.

You can Install QuickTweet Extension Plugin from Here (You will need to use Google Chrome Web Browser in installing this).

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2. After installing the extension, you will see a Twitter icon on the top right corner of your browser. Click on the Twitter icon and click on the link inside the pop up to configure QuickTweet.

Quicktweet app for chrome to manage multiple twitter accounts

3. You will now see the QuickTweet Options page. Click on the link to view the instructions for filling out the form below.

confirming multiple twitter account setup

4. Enter a name for each of your Twitter accounts, this name will appear on the QuickTweet shortcut icon.

5. Enter the user name and passwords for each of your Twitter accounts. Make sure it is the actual user name that you use to access your Twitter accounts.

6. It is optional to enter the passwords. If you don’t enter a password, the shortcut will lead you to Twitter’s login page, and will ask you for the password. It is advisable you do not enter your password to prevent unwanted access to your Twitter accounts by someone else.

7. Once you have filled all the necessary information, tick on the box beside “Always use current tab” to load Twitter page on the same tab that is currently open.

google chrome twitter accounts setup

8. Click “Save” to apply all the settings.

9. Confirm this procedure by clicking on the QuickTweet icon again. You will see all your Twitter names on the list.

Click on any of the name to open the account. You are on!

Note: QuickTweet currently does not allow more than 10 Twitter accounts(I wonder why you would even wanna run more than 10 twitter accounts in the first place lol). More so, It is NOT advisable that you use QuickTweet in public computers e.g. school, Cybercafés, etc for privacy reasons.

Following the above instructions squarely, you can now keep up and manage multiple twitter accounts using the Google Chrome QuickTweet without having to go through much stress.

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