StatusVia : Update Facebook And Twitter Status Via Ipad, IPhone, PS3 and More Devices


Do you know that you can actually update your facebook and twitter status via different devices you do not use? You can actually choose to update your status via blackberry when you actually use an android phone, or you can choose to update via Ipad when you actually use an iPhone. How? Don’t worry, we gonna get there.

When a friend updates his or her status on fb using the mobile phone default browser, fb automatically adds a tag which states ‘via …’, for example I use my blackberry inbuilt browser in updating my status, it will be stated on the status via blackberry so also if you use an iPhone in updating, it will be stated via iPhone. Now wouldn’t it be fun if you could trick your friends to believing you are actually using an iPad, iPhone, Android or other high end devices when you really do not? Trust me, I’d believe its gonna be fun but someone like me, I personally do not take fb or twitter as a priority hence I use opera mini most times and no one knows the kinda device I use.

StatusVia.Org : Update FB and Twitter Status Via Different Devices

update facebook status via different devices

Yes, which used to be is actually a website through which you can update your facebook and twitter status using different devices.

Upon visiting, just choose which device you’d like to update your status with, as at the time of publishing this, you can update your status via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, T-Mobile Sidekick, Windows Phone, Canon EOS 50D, PlayStation 3, Foursquare, selective tweets, and many more.

Just click on any of the device you’d like to use and choose to update status via….., upon clicking that, a new window will be open for you to type in the status message you wanna update(Please note, you need to be signed into your fb account before commencing), and click share.

Now, visit your fb profile timeline and you will see the message you just updated alongside the device you used. You can give it a shot by just typing, “Read On trueinternetworld blog” *smiles.

You can also use same method in updating your twitter account status via tweet.

In my subsequent posts, I’d be talking on apps or services you can usually use in updating your fb status and it will be displayed to friends that you updated it using any name of your choice as the device name for example, ‘hi, hope you enjoyed this’? Via trueinternetworld, wouldn’t that be cool?

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