Displaying Personalized Picture As Avatar In Blog Comments Via Gravatar


How would you feel if you post a comment on a blog or website and your picture shows right before, beside or after the comment as your avatar, pretty awesome right? Then using gravatar is idle.

For a blogger or a web user who visits loads of blogs or website on the internet and leaves comments using the default picture(Avatar) displayed, isn’t something I would term as been cool, getting a personalized picture is essential and its strongly advised anytime unless you want to remain anonymous.

C’mon, don’t you think its high time you come of been Mr or Mrs Anonymous and perhaps get known on the internet via your comments or write ups.

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The good thing about displaying your picture alongside your comment is that, you no longer need to have a blog or website before you can become popular on the internet, by just participating on blogs that allow avatars and posting relevant comments with your image been shown, you are gradually making a name for yourself on the internet.

How Do I Display Personalized Picture As Avatar On Blog Comments Using Gravatar?

The process is pretty simple. Okay, talk a look at the picture below:

my gravatar picture on a blog comment
That’s one of the recent comments on this blog alongside my picture(Yeah, that’s old me tho.)

My picture displays on almost all WordPress blogs on the internet where I have posted comments with my correct email address which I used in setting up my gravatar account and this has truly made a name for me at least to some extent.

So How Do I Get Started With Gravatar?

Visit en.gravatar.com, if you have a wordpress.com account then you can simply sign in using the details by clicking the sign in button at the top-right side of the page. If you do not have a wordpress.com account, simply type in your correct email address and click the Get Your Gravatar button.

You will be redirected to a page requesting that you sign in to your wordpress.com account or create a new one.

Upon clicking create a new one, a new tab should open with the email address field automatically filled alongside the Username(You can change this), enter your preferred password and click Sign Up.

Choose to connect your WordPress account with gravatar and upload your personalized picture, Save when done and be sure you did all those correctly.

Now post a comment below this post and on the email field in the comment form, use the correct email address you used earlier in signing up for gravatar. What can you use? Your personalized picture been used as avatar in the blog comment right?

  1. prince says

    Nice post bro adding an avatar to our image really help others with in knowing the commentator, thanks for the post bro

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Its a pleasure buddy, am glad you like it.

  2. james says

    Thanks for the awesome post samuel i hope to read more of your awesome articles soon

  3. jonathan says

    I followed all steps on the day this article was posted but just added an image tv my gravatar account.
    Testing mode activated.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Congratulation, guess its working well for you now 🙂

      1. jonathan says

        yeah! see my moustache in d pix.
        bt d pix does nt show on my android browser except on pc

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Thats because of the mobile theme am using on my blog.

  4. Andy Bland says

    Well Disqus is good too. And Commentluv.

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