How To Root Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i Easily


Following my post where I had discussed my review and experience using the sony ericsson xperia 10i android device, I recall stating that I was gonna write on how to root the sony ericsson xperia X10i and here it is.

Please do not get confused, the below steps works well in rooting S.E Xperia X10 devices also do not be afraid to try it on your X10 or X10i devices.

Warning: Please Be Aware that the act of trying to gain root access on your sony ericsson device is solely your responsibility therefore, I will not be held responsible if anything should go wrong during the process but be sure that this trick works perfectly fine if followed squarely and its the step i followed in rooting my sony ericsson xperia x10i device.

Requirements For Rooting Your S.E Xperia X10i

root sony ericsson xperia x10i

First, your device should be running on android 2.3.3 OS. I understand that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i comes with android 2.1 donut OS by default but you can upgrade it to its latest version which is version 2.3.3 from the official Sony Ericsson Website and connecting your phone to your PC thus launching PC companion Program and then Update.

From the above quick instructions, some major requirements can be brought out which are necessary for the rooting process to be done. These are:

  • PC Computer: Its very much important for rooting processes.
  • Sony Ericssoon USB Cord: Its important for communication between the computer and your mobile device.
  • Your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or X10i
  • PC Companion Program correctly installed on your computer alongside its drivers.

Have you got all that in place? Good! Let’s proceed.

Rooting Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, X10i Android Phone

First of all, make sure your device is running android 2.3.3, you can confirm this by navigating to settings » About Phone on your android device.

Next, enable Unknown Sources and USB Debugging Mode. You can do these by navigating from menu to settings » Applications » Unknown Sources (Tab to Enable).

To Enable USB development mode, navigate from your menu » Settings » Applications » Development » USB Debugging (Tap to Enable).

Next, Navigate to the Flashtool program you downloaded earlier and launch the X10flasher file, connect your device to your computer using USB and wait till all necessary devices are installed.

On the SonyEricsson X10 flasher program, click on Flash, select X10 azuzu-kernel and click on OK as illustrated in the image below:

root sony ericsson x10 using flashtool

You should be shown as instruction asking that you unplug your mobile device from the system, power off the device, press the back button on the device and hold, then plug to your computer via usb still holding the back button.

If that is properly done, the pop up instruction message should automatically disappear and the flashing process will commence.

Look out for the following message in the flashtool program, flashing kernel.sin etc as illustrated in the image below:

Follow the instruction and do not close the flashtool program.

Remove the USB cable and Power On the Device, and immediately connect it via usb to the computer again.

You should get a message on the flashtool program the device is connected and installed version of busybox as none.

Now click on ROOT which is next after flash and you should see some logs on the flashtool program and the end result should be ‘Root should be available after reboot‘.

Your device should automatically reboot at the point but if it doesn’t, just remove the battery and wait for like 5 second and fix it back.

Connect Back to your PC and click on Flash on the flashtool program and select X10 azuzu kernel upgrade and click OK as illustrated in the image below:

In the log session of the program, you should see flashing kernel sin, flashing finished, now unplug the device and on the phone.

Power on the mobile device and on the log session of the program, you should see a message like -installed version of busybox: busybox v1.17.2………

Disconnect your device from the pc now, congratulations, your device has been rooted.

I know the process is quite difficult but believe me when I say its not as difficult as it seem and this is the only procedure that worked well for my sony ericsson xperia X10i device.

How Do I Know If My Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i Is Rooted?

Its simple, when your device has done booting, navigate to your menu and you should find the SuperUser App automatically installed on your sony ericsson Xperia which means you now have full advantage of your device.

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