MTN BlackBerry BIS Stopped Working On PC and Android, Here’s The Way Forward


During the early hours of Thursday 17th July 2013, MTN blackberry BIS stopped working on PC. Although as at that time, the BIS still works on android devices hence I was still able to browse on my SE Xperia android phone and PC by simply tethering the internet connection to my PC and other wireless devices around me using the hotspot feature on the phone.

Even as at that time, I had already received calls from two of my blog readers asking if I noticed MTN BIS was no longer working on pc. I told them yes but am still able to browse on my pc using my android phone so I cannot really ascertain if it could be network problems.

I made some investigations and realized that some people where still able to browse on their PC, and some were not able to browse on both Computer and Android. Well, the bottom line as at today is that, MTN BIS has totally been discontinued from both android and PC users, only bb phones can now browse with the BIS subscription.

MTN BIS No Longer Browsing On PC, Here’s The Way Forward

MTN blackberry BIS no longer working on pc
I have received so many calls since then from my readers asking if there’s an alternative now and I must say I truly appreciate you all. You give me the zeal to keep doing this i.e, bringing more information to your doorstep via trueinternetworld blog .

As at today been the 19th of July 2013, there are two options for browsing cheap on android and PC devices and its same thing we have been using before the MTN BIS browsing on PC without VPN Software was introduced.

Option 1:

Option one is using airtel bis. Airtel BIS still works very well on PC and I think this has been so for a very long time now. I wonder why other network service providers cannot follow airtel footsteps, all they know how to do is charge very high for little data given.

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Option 2:

The second option is using MTN BIS On PC using VPN software. This was same thing we were using before BIS on PC without software was introduced and now that the doors have been shut, going back to the old style still works and willing to accept us back.

If you have got any question, comment or contribution with regards to using MTN Blackberry BIS on PC and android, please use the comment form and I’d be more than happy to reply you.

  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Yes boss! The stone the builders rejected has now become the corner stone. Goiing back the old ways afta d new one has been blocked.
    Anyway, I haven’t tried it out bcos rooting my android phone is what is consuming my time and attention. I need a subscription on my pc to download ALL necessary files for rooting my device.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      perhaps you can use a vpn alongside your bbc bis and download all necessary files to root your phone.

  2. Ddon says

    Please what vpn software can I use with mtn bis now. Thanks

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      There are different vpns that can be used, read those related posts and you can choose from any of them.

  3. Bidemi Adekunle says

    Pls, is the Unlimited plan on either MTN, AIRTEL ETISALAT or GLO working on PC? And how can i configure the settings if its working?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      There is currently no unlimited plan in any of the networks that works on pc pal.

  4. Crudo says

    I use my bis wit d blackberry desktop software,,buh naw I can’t anymore….d problem z,,,hw do I even download dis vpn softwares n can I use dem wit my bb as d modem??

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hi crudo, i would advice you use a modem but you can still use your blackberry messenger, just download any vpn and pay for a premium account.

  5. crudo says

    Thank u so much boss,,hw much do I pay for d premium acct n hw do I qet it??…

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      It depends on the vpn, its usually between $3 to $10.

      1. trae_z says

        How about using GLO BIS on Android. Any present hack, either droidvpn or whatever?

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          No there isn’t pal.

  6. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Droidvpn stil doesn’t work with my bis on my phone. It disconnects and shows me ‘No open port found’ immediately I connect to the internet.
    Bt I stil browse wen not on 3g evn without vpn.

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