How To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Device


Some couple of days back, I stumbled on a fellow blogger and a friend who uses a samsung galaxy S2 mobile device. Trust me, I asked him if he had rooted the phone and he said Yes. I actually played with the phone for a while and I must say the phone seems more complicated than my sony ericsson xperia x10i. Okay I know that sounds funny but the options on the phone or settings rather are just too much with lots of grammars been used.

Personally for me, if it wouldn’t take me more than 2 days or there about to fully understand the device and even play with other stuffs therein but what about a newbie? Well, am pretty sure most people won’t bother about that for as long as they can make and receive calls, send and receive messages and play music but for me, a mobile device should be more than that. I love exploring phones and that’s more reason I was able to install a custom mod to my sony ericsson android phone and the phone now works better.

Enough of long talks, let’s head over to the main subject matter of this post.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Phone

root samsung galaxy s2
Like I have often stated, if you want the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone then you obviously need to root it as you can get more cooler features and gain super user privilege over the device.

Requirements Needed To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 SmartPhone

The requirements are no much difference from those in other rooting tutorials, the only difference would be the software need for rooting the S2 Smartphone but just to keep you in line with that, you need to have the following in place:

  • A computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Samsung USB Cable compatible with your device
  • Subsequent Files needed to be downloaded will be stated along the post


First, go to settings » About Phone to find out the model number of your galaxy S2 because it is essential and it should look something like GT-19100_XWKF1.

get samsung galaxy s2 model type

Next, you need to put the phone into downloading mode. You can do this by simply turning off the S2 device then hold down the volume down button, Home button and the power button together until you get an option to enter downloading mode. Press Volume UP to enter downloading mode and connect your Galaxy S2 to your computer via USB cable.

Downloading the Appropriate insecure and original kernel files for your device model via this download page and unzip the files.

Download galaxys2root here and also unzip to your desktop.

Download Samsung Kies here and install it.

Run the Odin3 v1.83.exe file which is an executable file and you should get a YELLOW box displaying COM port. If you do not get this right, please make sure to double check that you have connected your samsung galaxy S2 to your computer via USB cable and installed Samsung Kiess software appropriately.

software for rooting samsung galaxy s2

Still on the software interface, click the PDA button and find the insecure file you downloaded earlier for example ‘’

Click the start button and it should start flashing the insecure kernel. This step is required so you can get temporary root access to install permanent SuperUser files on your Samsung Galaxy G2.

When your phone reboots, make sure USB Debugging mode is checked. You can do this by navigating from Menu » Settings » Applications » Development » USB debugging (Tap to check and turn on).

On the galaxyS2root file you downloaded earlier, run S2 root.exe, a new window should appear which clearly states Jump to Download Mode, Root Device, Unroot device. Click on the Root Device button.

Your phone should reboot and has been successfully rooted.

How To Know If Rooting Samsung Galaxy S2 Was Successful

Knowing whether or not you rooted the device is easy, simply navigate to your menu and see if you will find SuperUser app installed automatically. If you can find it installed, then congrats! The rooting was successful but if you do not find this, then try running the root program again and click the Root Device button again.

That’s it. You have been able to successfully root samsung galaxy S2 and have superUser privilege over your device.

  1. Mike Huiwitz says

    Is rooting the equivalent of jail breaking in iPhones? I’m planning to buy a galaxy s3 next week. maybe I’ll have it rooted.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes they are. In iPhones, its termed jailbreaking while on android, its termed rooting. We would appreciate it if you would send a report on how you rooted your s3 buddy.

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