Adding Google Adsense Ads To Carrington Mobile Theme


Two days ago, a blogger and a friend asked me how I was able to add and make Google Adsense Ads show on Carrington Mobile which is the current mobile theme I am using for this blog, I promised to teach him but only via a detailed post in other to benefit other readers.

Carrington Mobile theme is another mobile theme which you can use for the mobile version of your blog other than mobilepress, wordpress mobile pack and all that.

I love using the carrington mobile theme because of its simplicity in terms of loading time.

One other thing I like this theme amongst the rest is the fact that, based on my experiments and speculation the carrington mobile theme tends to display more of Google Adsense ads than other mobile theme or plugin.

What this means is that, usually, Google Adsense ads for mobile does not display on all pages of a wordpress blog(that’s what I realized). For blogspot users using mobstac, Adsense ads display on all pages but for wordpress users using mobile plugin or theme like Mobilepress, responsive themes, Adsense ads does not show on all pages, and almost these mobile themes or plugins, ads show mostly on most pages when using carrington, atleast my adsense dashboard have proved that.

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Adding Google Adsense To Carrington Mobile Theme

google adsense on carrington mobile theme

This can be done via two means, from your webhosting control panel or via the use of post layout plugin but I would personally advice via your hosting control panel.


Log into your webhosting control panel and navigate to File Manager,

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When your webhosting account files opens, navigate to » public_html » your blog name » wp-content » themes » carrington-mobile-1.2 » header » Right click on Header-default.php, click on Edit

A new tab will automatically be opened containing the codes on the Header-default.php

Scroll down to the end of the page, insert a link break by typing the Enter Key and paste your adsense ad code there.

How To Get The Google Adsense Code?

Open a new tab or window and visit

Log in and navigate to my ads, click on Mobile Content and choose to create a new ad unit(If you have not created one before).

When done creating your ad unit and tweaking the colour to your taste, click on Save and Get Code

Copy the code and paste in the carrington mobile theme and Save.

Please note: Google Adsense On wordpress using carrington does not display on all pages but displays on most pages unlike other themes or mobile plugins hence you might have to visit more pages of your blog to see it displayed.

Following the above steps properly, you should be abled to properly add Google Adsense ads to carrington mobile theme and ads show begin running on your webpages within 10 minutes.

  1. fabinu says

    Thanks for the post…. this gonna help me configure mine… I have a question…. how do you added your site categories to display on your carrigton theme..

  2. fabinu says

    Thanks for this awesome post.. this will help me in configuring mine… pls I have a question for u… how did u make ur categories to show on carrigton mobile theme? Maybe u can write a post on it

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      I used HTML codes in fixing those, will write a tutorial on that for you buddy.

      1. prince says

        Hi samuel this will really help us in maximizing our income online thanks again

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          You are welcome buddy.

      2. fabinu says

        Thanks.. Will be Expecting it den

  3. Cassie says

    This is really a good post. There are lots of good points here. Very informative indeed. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Ibrahim Abdullahi says

    I added theme about 4 days ago but unluckily its no special than mobilepress & wp touch i used before. Is it because of the customizations i made? My site

    Please help 🙁

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yeah true, i even prefer the mobilepress to carrington because of the design but the carrington mobile theme shows adsense on more pages then the rest.

  5. jerry says

    Can you tell us how to install the carringthon mobile theme on wordpress? do we just need to download and install?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes sure pal. Check my latest post buddy.

  6. Dapson says

    Nice tutorials. .
    How were you able to add ads to show on your Carrington mobile theme + the ads format/size u are using on mobile.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Using post layout plugin. Am using the 300X250 ad size.

  7. KWS Adams says

    And carrington is a mobile theme I never knew of. Well, i guess i need to try it out just like I read here sometime and now using mobile press. I will love it as well when mobile ads are visible and its time to do the try. And as ever, thanks man. I am a new sub here.

  8. wahab says

    I need help with my adsense and comment sections on carrington please…please…

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