Car Dealings On Google Trader, Be Careful (Scam Alert)


Yesterday I decided to play around knowing the prices of tokunbo or used cars and I decided to check on Google Trader Nigeria.

There was loads of cars at cheap prices but guess what, they seemed as scams. One of the cars which drew my attention was a Honda Civil which was going for around 300,000 and one Mr Chima as the seller.

He had his phone number displayed on the website hence interested buyers could contact him directly instead of copying and sending an email. I actually went ahead and gave him a call same yesterday, at first when he picked the call, he didn’t sound very nice but when I introduced myself and told him I saw his advert on the Google Trader Nigeria website and I am interested in acquiring one of the cars, his mood chanced and he began talking nice and friendly.

He asked which of them and I told him the honda civil which was going for N300,000. From the way he paused and continued, he sounded like he wasn’t so sure of the price he had stated on the site but he didn’t make this obvious but I could read it from his reaction over the phone.

google trader nigeria

I asked him how the dealing was done and guess what? He said I should send in my details for the car registration because the cars were not registered hence they need to be registered before they can be used around the country. Quite alright I understood that knowing the cars were tokunbo and were unregistered but what really got me pondering was when he said I will need to send him N50000 for the car registration and car registration takes around 2 business days to be fully processed(that’s according to him).

Upon hearing this, I still sounded gentle and calm after all I shouldn’t make a fool of my self lol. I asked if it was possible the price for the car be reduced to N250000 and after much argument and negotiation, he said he could give it to me at that price but I should first send the N50000 for the car registration and after that is done, I can bring the balance to his office to claim the car. I asked where his office was situated and he said ketu in Lagos, that’s good, I stay close I said and we continued our conversation with him doing most of the talking.

I asked if it was possible I meet him for a face to face transaction and from his response, it was like a NO and we could only meet when I want to come collect the car and I said, thanks, will contact you as time goes on and i hanged up.

Sounds weird right? I have been duped before in my early years on the internet(Sometime around 2008) and that cannot happen again as we can only fall fool once. Sometimes I wonder how people live comfortably knowing that they got their money via fraudulent means and yet they keep doing it. Maybe they have no conscious tho but its obviously crazy. They seem to have forgotten that a good name is better than riches(well, do they really care?).

Summary: I am not saying all car dealings on Google Trader are scam afterall I haven’t given any of them a try but reading through the conversation regarding buying cheap cars on Nairaland forum, some claimed they have been duped of 10K while others advised they were scam.

Personally, I would advice that before you engaged on any buying and selling on Google Trader or other related trading websites, its necessary to have a face to face transaction than an online transaction.

Have you ever bought cars or had any experience dealing on google trader? We’d like to hear from you too using the comment form.

  1. Ismaila Jonathan says

    Thanks boss. It is this same problem that killed my dream of mini importation business. Though I have not been duped before, the fear of being duped killed the dream.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      The fear of been duped? If its possible for a face to face transaction then you can go on with one eye opened o.

  2. Ismaila Jonathan says

    There is no possibility of face-to-face conversation as I have to import from china and US

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yeah thats true. Perhaps, did you get my mini importation ebook which i gave out on this blog as giveaway?

  3. Ismaila Jonathan says

    Oh yes! I did. I still have it with me. Do you use it? I mean does it work for you. Though there is a guy that claims he imports online but he is not readyto disclose the site to me. He said he is not ready unless I give him moneyn

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Follow the ebook squarely pal. The sites are there. Someone close here is into the business and sometimes buys from dhgate and others. I actually gave him the ebook and he thanked me alot.

      1. Ismaila Jonathan says

        Thanks pal for tthe encouragement. There are so many sites in the e-book. I will consider the mini importation

  4. Cyracks Zenda says

    Am really scared paying for goods online though i also sell some of my ebooks to people, they pay and i deliver to them. But am really scared buying from people especially when they sound so concern about the money. Google trader is a really nice place to find products to buy but it is never advice able to pay money without meeting with the seller face to face to confirm the item you wish to buy. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes you are correct, these scammers sound so concerned about the money even from the way they talk. Thanks for the contribution buddy.

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