How To Find Dofollow Blogs, KeywordLuv And .Edu Blogs To Drop Comment For Backlinks


Its no longer news that in other for you to raise your blog rankings in search engine results page (SERP), you need to create backlinks to your blog, not just backlinks but quality backlinks. It is also believed that back-links from Dofollow and .edu blogs are quality backlinks as they pass some link Juice to your blog since they are dofollow and not nofollow hence hurting for these kinda blogs and dropping reasonable comments would be helpful if you know how to utilize them.

Upon searching on Google or other search engines for dofollow blog lists or .edu blog lists, there are loads of blogs with information regarding this but one thing that gets me pissed off with these blogs is the fact that most of these blogs list which are said to be dofollow blogs are actually nofollow blogs or they do not allow comments hence they are not of enhance. I guess these is due to the high number of copy and paste blogs who do not undergo researches before posting and clicking the publish button.

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Finding Dofollow blogs, KeywordLuv And .Edu Blogs To Drop Comment For Backlinks

All those been said, I’d like to give you a quick tip to getting dofollow blogs, keywordluv blog, .edu blogs etc with which you can get some link juice(BackLinks) from.

First, we are going to be using the famous blog finder, dropmylink. Yes, dropmylink is one of the best tool for finding dofollow, keywordluv and .edu blogs based on keywords.

How To Get Started With DropMyLink

Visit and type in the keyword where it’s stated Keyword with which you would like to get related blogs

Select which kinda blogs you do like to find, you can choose dofollow blogs, .edu blogs, keywordluv blogs, .gov blogs, commentluv premium blogs or any other type you’d like.

Dropmylink homepage to find dofollow blogs, .edu blog
Click on Search and a new window will be open via Google Search with blogs related to the keyword you had choose.

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Visit the blogs, read through and post a reasonable comment that relates to the content and aid other readers, do not forget to include your link in the website or url box before posting your comment.

Best of lucks with that as you work towards improving your blog’s search engine ranking by building quality backlinks via finding and commenting on dofollow blogs, .edu blogs, commentluv blogs etc.

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