How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone


There are different meanings to the term ‘hard reset‘, for some people, hard reset means to force something off while to some others, hard reset is referred to a way of initiating a device to its factory settings. Hard reset could also mean different actions but whatever it is, I will be teaching here on this post on how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4.

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 Via Forcing It Off

As earlier stated, some people term hard reset as forcing off thus in other to force off your samsung galaxy S4 device, you can simply press and hold down the power button for about 10 seconds till the device is completely turned off.

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 To Factory Settings Reset

hard reset samsung galaxy s4

This is a kind of hard reset where you can restore your device to its original factory or default settings and there are different steps to doing this.

Please Note: By Doing this process, you will loose all datas stored in your phone’s memory. More so, all settings within the apps will be lost. You will only have access to datas stored on your SD Card(Memory Card).

Step 1:

In other to hard reset your samsung galaxy S4 to factory settings reset, from your menu, navigate to settings » Accounts » Back Up and reset Options » Factory Data reset » Tap it and your phone should reboot after a while.

Step 2:

This step is required only if you do not have access to your phone menus. It is basically performed when your phone does not start up properly.

When your Samsung Galaxy S4 is powered off, press and hold both volume buttons and quickly press and hold the power button.

Keep holding these three buttons till you see the phone boot into recovery menu.

From the recovery menu, use the volume down button to command the selection to wipe data.

Now, use the home button to select the highlighted option and that’s it.

By following the above steps, you should be able to successfully hard reset your samsung galaxy s4 mobile device, hope it was helpful.

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