TUTORIAL: Run iOS Apps On Windows PC Using IPadian


People have often wondered if it was possible to run iOS apps on windows PC and the simple answer is yes and that is via the use of iPadian. As we might know, Bluestacks and youwave are android emulators which allows you to run android apps on PC as as such, iOS users are not left out.

First, let’s go over to understanding what iPadian is. Ipadian is an iPad emulator or simulator for PC which allows you to run iPad apps on your windows PC and this apps can be used on windows, Linux and Mac.

What iPadian does is that, it clones the iOS user interface to handle the computer as if it were an iPad device hence making iOS apps run on the system.

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The Ipadian app also comes with a custom app store from which you can download more apps and also come pre-installed with iPad apps. There’s no access to the official Apple App store, too, which means you’re relying on iPadian’s own store for apps, which is incredibly limited seeing as it basically only works with apps that use the web or their own web-based API.

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How To Use iPadian To Run iOS Apps On Windows PC?

First, you need to download iPadian from Google Project. The iPadian simulator does not require any installation, all you need do is extract the folder and launch the iPadian.exe file. Please make sure your PC already has adobe air installed.

Ipadian will automatically overlay itself over your desktop and you can begin to use the pre-installed apps on your iPadian desktop.

iPadian app for windows
Image Credit: NetMediaBlog

Some feature of iPadian is that, its of small size when downloading, specifically around 36MB, its fast and no need to install, just click and play. Uses low memory and CPU load and has got an attractive interface.

The iOS emulator could be some time slow but a very good option for running iOS apps on windows PC.

  1. Diego Fortes says

    …? You never said how to actually run the ios apps through ipadian

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      There you have it buddy, try going through the post again, thats what the post is all about.

  2. Annonymous says

    IPadian only works with things that have a web-based IPA, Ergo, it’s useless for anything that isn’t already listed.

  3. george says

    what the heck bro?!?! i installed from that link and got 7 extra programs on my PC? and one that says “show-password” what kinda scam is this?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Am sorry buddy but am sorry, this is no scam. Usually, some apps give recommendations when trying ton install them, all you need to do is choose not to install them and you are good to go. I apologize again pal.

    2. Patryk Ploszaj says

      Yup, I’ll second that! WTF is up with all the extras? Not cool.

  4. Jim Dokes says

    I had the same issue. Without asking me to approve it, it silently installed about 7 extra programs on my PC and started opening a bunch of popup internet explorer windows. Do not install this crap software! have been warned.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      So sorry about that Jimmy but you can sure follow the tips i gave to George earlier. Am sorry if you feel embarrassed but am pretty sure the main program worked as expected right?

  5. Keshav says

    The thing I get is Preparing iPadian, it is not moving further.

  6. Samir Singhal says

    add tungbo and vshare on ipadian and you can download all app free

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