3 Best VPN Softwares For PC With MTN BIS


Quite a number of times my friends and readers have always called me to inquire whether or not the MTN Blackberry Plan(MTN BIS) still works on PC and am actually using this medium to say YES, it still works and am currently using it in posting this.

Whenever I tell them the answer above, the next question they ask is ‘Please Samuel, which VPN Software is the best?‘ And I usually give them a list to choose from but the simple truth is, over the months now since I have been using VPN’s, they seem to be the same hence I cannot categorically tell you which one is better than the other but based on other users and my usage of these VPN’s, I would just give 3 of which I term best amongst the rest.

MY Best 3 VPN Softwares For PC Using MTN BIS

best vpn softwares for pc

Like I started above, this list is compiled based on my usage of these softwares and if you have been a loyal reader of my blog then you probably would have realized that most times, I post stuffs I try out and I categorically state it on the post.

1. PDProxy: Yeah, PDProxy is one of the best VPN softwares for PC which works very well with MTN BIS. I termed this as number one because its the first VPN software I used after MTN had blocked the usage of its BIS plan on pc without software and yes, the software works pretty well and fast too.

2. TunnelGuru: TunnelGuru is actually the second VPN Software and the present software am using now on my PC alongside MTN BIS. I probably wouldn’t have subscribed to TunnelGuru and continued using PDProxy but I got a memo that glo works with tunnelguru without any subscription hence I wanted to try it. Upon subscribing and giving it a shot, I realized it wasn’t really working, perhaps it worked for some people(I don’t know) but it obviously didn’t work for me hence in other not to waste my subscription, I had to continue using it with MTN and Believe me the speed is cool and so also is the download speed.

3. GPlusVPN: A friend of mine is actually the owner of GPlusVPN software. Hey! Please don’t get me wrong, I am not stating this software here because a friend of mine owns it but I added it here because another good friend of mine who is also a blogger, used it and it worked fine for him although another reader who I introduced to GplusVPN complained that it wasn’t fast but my friend didn’t complain of such, perhaps the readers location is responsible for it.

Prices Of These VPN Softwares

Yeah, I know you would sure love to know the prices of these softwares, wouldn’t you? Yeah sure you will.

Briefly, the PDProxy goes for around $6 per month while Tunnelguru goes for around $4 dollar per month and GplusVPN goes for around $3 per month (Please Note that these figures are just estimates and are slightly lower on their various websites).

Which other VPN softwares have you used that really worked well for you with MTN BIS, please share with us using the comment form.

  1. Ismaila Jonathan says

    Thanks for the nice post. But as for me, the best vpn should take care of the following:
    1. Cost
    2. Ease of paymet
    3. Platform offered

    So, considering the following points, I think the best vpn is tweakware vpn followed by gplus vpn. Here is my explantion.

    Tweakware vpn costs #500 while gplus vpn costs #600 on their websites.
    Since it is not everyone that has paypal or perfectmoney account. I consider these two as the best bcus you can pay to their accout in Nigerian banks.
    But, if you do not want to pay to bank, you can contact teir resellers who accept payment through recharge cards. Tweakware vpn resellers charge #600 while gplus vpn resellers charge #750 on recharge card transfers. The only advantage of gplus over tweakware is you can pay with your debit ATM cards which will cost you #626 (addtional #26 for card processing).

    Now coming to te platform offered. Most vpns can only be used on pc and no other platform. Both tweakware and gplus can be used on pc and android platforms. I.e you can use the same account on your pc and android. What discouraged me from gplus is that the android version has only one server available whereas it is not so on the pc version. Having only server.available will lead to congestion and hence frustration. Tweakware vpn has 10 servers which they use on pc and android (note: the servers are the same).
    It baffles me why gplus has 5 servers on pc while it has only 1 server on android.

    The only problem about tweakware is the servers are constantly being upgraded. I don’t know if that should be classified as a problem. Though I plan becoming a reseller on tweakware vpn. But considering the benefits of being a reseller, I would go for gplus over tweakware.

    In conclusion, I consider tweakware as the best for a user and gplus as the best for a reseller.

    I rest my case, others can give their opinion.

  2. Dapson says

    I use Tunnelguru on Pc and Gplusvpn on ny S3. my Tunnelguru disconnects every 10mins . so I always had to reconnect which isnt gud.
    My questions: Do you experience the disconnection thingy on ur Tunnelguru too ? how were you able to resolve this ish (if u’ve gotten a solution to that).
    How were you able to make Media.net ads show on ur Carrington mobile theme and whats the ads format you are using on mobile..
    Great Post anyway.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      NO i do not experience same when using tunnelguru, i wouldn’t have included them if i was experiencing that. Perhaps u should check that no one else is using your log in details.

      1. Dapson says

        haba… then you wil need to share me your screen shots of your settings with me then… I experience this ish every time. .. hope you wld be glad to share?
        between no reply to my other question.
        Thanks Sam

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          If you have been able to connect for once with your settings then i presume the ish should be from your account. Try recreating a new password for your account because i realize that the software tend to disconnect every few seconds when two persons are logged into same account. Secondly, the reason why i didn’t respond to the second question is because it’s not related to this post, please post it in its respective post and i’d be glad to provide a reply.

    2. Yomiprof says

      @Dapson, google search for ReConnect and it will handle all your disconnection problems

  3. David says

    Hi Samuel, you need to help me out. I buy 10GB every month (N10,000) monthly. Please, I would love to learn about this VPN and BIS, I’ve not used it before. Now here are my questions:
    1. Will have I unlimited access to surf the net once I subscribe to this BIS plan and VPN? See, I don’t care if I spend N5,000 monthly on both the VPN and MTN BIS as long as it gives me unlimited access.
    2. Which one do you use and would recommend among the three?
    I would be so happy if you would help me out. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello David, I have loads of posts on this blog which clearly answers your questions. Well, subscribing to a premium vpn account gives you unlimited bandwidth. In other to enjoy using it with MTN BIS for next to unlimited browsing, i would advice using the MTN BB Daily plan(BBC) which goes for N100, therefore, calculate 100 X 30 = 3000 plus premium vpn subscription. Yeah, N5000 should give you unlimited browsing for a month using MTN. Secondly, i am currently using Tunnelguru which i stated in the post.

      1. Ismaila Jonathan says

        MTN BB daily plan is #120 not #100.
        @david, why not go for BBC monthly plan for #1000 or BIS plan for #1500? and if Airtel service is ok in your area, go for airtel bis which requires no vpn on pc.

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          The bbc daily is N100, send bbcday to 21600 and N100 will be deducted. You can give it a shot.

    2. Yomiprof says

      @David, what kind of download do you make that will warant you to spend 10,000 on 10GB monthly? That is completely way off. Mtn BBdaily gives you 3GB data cap, Mtn bbweekly gives you 3GB data cap Mtn Monthly equally gives you 3GB data cap except for some tunnelling sofware that compresses 3GB to 8GB. Sandwish vpn does that for me using mtn bis daily.

      If you really need to browse unlimited, i will suggest either you go for mtn daily sub or you opt in for Airtel 6GB for 3k package. But spending 10,000 on 10GB monthly is totally way off and should not be heard by third party if not, the federal Gov’t of NG will get your modem arrested.

      1. Adeniyi Samuel says

        lolz, funny one there bro. 😀

  4. Techgene says

    I don’t actually browse secure site, why the heck will i need VPN. Nice post and template there bro. Keep it up.

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