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Its been quite a long time since I have always wanted to write an about me on this blog but I guess the reason I hadn’t written it early was because I never knew where to start from or probably I never knew what stuffs to say about me but here I am now. Maybe I now have a clue to where I should start from.

Ok. On this post, I am going to write an about basically on two angles; Myself and my blog(Yeah, this same blog).

Initially I had written a comprehensive biography about me on my 2013 Happy birthday post but I’d assume it would not be a completely bad idea to make it more comprehensive here right? So where do we start from? Myself or my blog?…… My blog should be better, don’t you think so too? Yeah, I can hear you say yes *winks.

About Trueinternetworld Blog

Trueinternetworld blog was actually created around January 2011(can’t remember the specific date). It was created out of Zeal for sharing of informations and tutorials. The blog started out using a free service for blogging called blogspot which is now popularly addressed as blogspot platform.

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Yeah, the blog used to use a free domain name and around September 2011, it evolved to been custom domain but still running on blogger.

Around the early months of 2012, the blog was moved from the blogger platform to WordPress blogging platform and this was done basically to aid users experience alongside having total control of the blog.

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Some few months after moving to WordPress, the blog again acquired the .net domain due to some circumstances and its always been on that even till date.

Over the years, trueinternetworld blog has always been moving from one height to another greater height and its feels awesome (well, all thanks to God and you! Out esteemed reader).

About Samuel Adeniyi(Yeah, Me!)

Uhm, where do I start from oooooooooo(thinking….). Ok, please forgive my manners but sometimes I could be the playful type lol.

Samuel Adeniyi trueinternetworld bloggerI am Samuel Adeniyi and from the sound of my surname(Adeniyi), its obvious I am yoruba but most people think I am igbo or benin, well maybe because I don’t speak yoruba or from my looks. I speak more of english, but you really can’t blame me, after all that’s how I was brought up.

I hail from Osun State, from a family of Six and am actually second in command(I mean second position in the family ooooooo). Am sure you really wanna know how old is this Samuel Adeniyi right? Okay, I promised to be very sincere hence I am not gonna hide it, I was born in 19XX so do the mathematics lol.

Ok, (covers face) I was born in the year 1991(I rarely disclose that), very young right? Well, I am actually proud of that based on my little achievements so far after all, its not always about how far, rather its about how well.

I think I gradually began knowing myself when I had finished secondary school in 2007. After secondary school, I suddenly realized I was getting much more addicted to music and writing.

Yeah I’d sing and I do disturb with that even through I might have got a not so good kinda voice. I’d have a cover song of Bruno Mars’s When I was your man on youtube (Please don’t try watching the video on youtube because its funny and hilarious) and it wouldn’t be so nice to hear you laughing at me lol.

I am actually from an average background family residing in Benin City, mum’s from Edo state and of course you know where dad’s from but I am personally based in Lagos state (not enjoying the place tho).

I used to write songs (RnB, Hip Hop and Gospel songs), I had already written two interesting plays (don’t know where they are now) until I got acquired with blogging and the internet around 2011 and that’s where my love for writing plays ended instead I do my writing online and via this blog but my spirit for music still live on tho I no longer write songs maybe because I am getting too lazy lol.

I actually came to Lagos around 2011 where I got introduced to coca-cola as a casual worker and been a fast learner, I was able to learn how to drive a forklift even while been a casual worker there and around January 2012, I got employed as a forklift operator in same coca-cola company hence I was described as a contract staff.

Samuel Adeniyi at Coca-cola
Samuel Adeniyi In Coca-cola

Working there in coca-cola wasn’t an easy road for me where I had to work as an elephant and eat as an ant, if you have ever worked in a factory before then you probably have an idle on how it feels like but I must confess that it contributed a little to the betterment of my life in terms of my driving knowledge.

Around the early months of 2013, I had to quit the coca-cola forklift job as the job was getting more tedious and focus on my passion which is blogging because even when i am busy driving my forklift machine, i would be thinking about blogging or what to write on when i return home. Right now, I would say I am a full time blogger and am proud about that and I truly glorify God for that because my life is much more easier now then it used to be and just so you know, blogging pays the bills even twice and more over what I used to receive while working in coca-cola, i even got an office situated in my room lol but my only problem is the way I spend(Yeah, I have to admit to that).

What else would you like to know about trueinternetworld blog or Samuel Adeniyi? I promise to be truly sincere in my answers hence here’s your chance lol.

  1. Ismaila Jonathan says

    Nice meeting you. Maybe I will someday become a blogger.

  2. Ismaila Jonathan says

    But man, since the money is now coming in, I would advise you try to move further in your education

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Obviously i will do that bro. but this life is one step at a time. In other to be successful at one thing, you have to give it your all and that has brought me to this stage now of earning my living from blogging. Surely i will further my education but i need the right inputs in place so i do not regret later on.

      1. Ismaila Jonathan says

        Ok man. But I think schooling doesn’t disturb your blogging. You only need to know how to schedule and balance your time. Once, there is money to start processing education.
        I also am planning of moving further to university level. It is lack of finance that has kept me @ home since 2005 (too bad). But I got a job last yr November which pays enough for me to have some savings. I am planning of writing the next jamb after I passes two already but couldn’t get money to process my admission.
        But, I am looking for ideas on money-making tips that can sustain me in school.
        If you wait till you have millions beore you go to school, I doubt if you won’t lose interest as time passes by

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Yes i totally understand that but you can’t compare your kinda job to mine. You have a boss there hence all you need do is resume and fix what you are asked to fix. Here, i am the boss hence i do the thinking and all, i will even be the one to think of what to do for the company tomorrow. So tell me, how can i combine that with education and be good at both?

          1. Ismaila Jonathan says


          2. Ben Joe says

            Sam, i must say that i wanna be like you someday. i am new in blogging world. Thanks for sharing your success story here.

          3. Adeniyi Samuel says

            Its a pleasure bro. determination is the key.

  3. Ismaila Jonathan says

    I also am from Osun state but lived 99.8% percent of my entire lifetime in Ondo state. I was born and grew up in Ondo town and currently based in Akure.

  4. Oluwasegun Daniel says

    wow! I guess I have to submit your biography to wikipedia. You deserve it !

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thanks buddy πŸ™‚

  5. Emmanuel says

    Hi Sammy,
    I just enjoyed reading about you! Is my guy Sammy already having a wife?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      A wife??? Naaaaah, not at all πŸ™‚

  6. Kelvin says

    Hi samuel , i guess u remember me ryte??? I do read your blog regularly(although i dont comment) i just have to comment today because this story is Very inspiring..

    Indeed , If you work in a factory , you eat like an ant and work like an elephant …I currently work in a factory and trust me , i know how it feels to work in a factory , u’ld work tireleslly for 12good hours a day only do get paid stipends..

    Am A Yung guy frm an average background , who’s only 17 , just finished secnd. Schl , I’m working just to get a laptop and continue my passion with blogging , but i dont see me buying a laptop soon..

    I feel like sharing my own story but i guess is not the right time to do so because i havent experienced so much yet..

    Life is not easy , i just got to continue striving..thanks for sharing your story once more..

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes i think i do remember you pal. Yes, working in a factory isn’t easy. The secret to making it in blogging is focus and determination. While in coke, i would close for the night duty only for me to resume back to my laptop without sleeping or resting but now, its a different case as i choose to come online when ever i so please. Just keep striving and keep blogging the right way, blog for fun and not just the money as the focus and with time, you’d get the laptop you want. After all, the laptops, gadgets and all i have now are courtesy of blogging. Best of lucks buddy!

  7. Ismaila Jonathan says

    Omo, naija na wa o. I also worked in a factory and I experienced same thing.
    But, I have a question: Why do some people use others as their slaves? why is life so unfair?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Its not like they use people as their slaves. They just value the production than the state of health of the workers.

  8. anonymous says

    hey! your story is really inspiring and you did write it to reflect that too. I have interest in blogging although am not a regular at your blog but i’d really like if you can help on how to choose a niche for blogging. I would be really grateful. my email is behind the wheels. hoping to hear from you.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      How to choose a niche to blogging? Buddy have you read this post, it should answer your questions πŸ™‚

  9. Yomiprof says

    Uncle Sam, you have don justice to your biography write up and i must confess, you are being sincere in your write ups and reply. Blogging is fun! Just like the other guy has rightly said, try and further your academics. Learning broaden your reasoning: it broadens your horizon, it gives you wings to fly. Learning keeps you ever young. You are a good guy and you just bought a constant visitor to your blog bro.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thank you so much Baba Yomi, you know like they say, ‘a good name is better than riches’ and that as always worked for me. About the education thing, yes i will definitely further but i needed to put some things in place first, its not gonna be easy to be successful in blogging and also be academically brilliant considering my blogging niche(Tho its possible) but like the saying goes, “One step at a time’. I will definitely continue by education because i still have a long time ahead. Thank you so much for been part of the trueinternetworld crew πŸ™‚

      1. Osazee Amakhounmwin says

        Yeah Sam your story is very inspiring, i am an internet business type, though i have not really made up to 100k at an instant, but i hope to get to a point where i can sleep most of my life knowing at the back of mind that money will always, who nor want this kind life? aha ha

        So my broda my problem is that i do not have a mentor to help me, i have been struggling all my life just to meet up, i would love to have a personal word with you, i currently know a bit of website designing and online business, i would also love to become a pro blogger some drop me your number make we yarn…you fit holla me @ 07054503365
        thanks a lot Samuel..

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Yeah i totally understand you buddy but we have hustled so well in the past to get to this point and we are still hustling bro. You can reach me via 08135531146(calls only). You can also follow me on twitter via @trueinternet

  10. Osazee Amakhounmwin says

    Dear Sam after hearing your story i really thought to myself “hey com on boy don’t you think it’s time to blog?” the response my spirit gave me was “can’t you see your mate doing something already, you claim you have learnt a lot and yet you have nothing to show for it, after hearing these provocative words from my spirit I decided to rise up to the game and i put together over 3 years of experience to do something, I believe now is the time, it’s time to start my blogging career, so my friends I want you guys to give me feedback and suggestions on any of improvements on this new blog i just established @ though i am still working out some technical aspect, never mind just give me feedback, it’s very important to my blogging career at this point in my life..thanks beloved friends…

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Just checked on your blog buddy and i must say you doing fine. Just keeping working and researching on how to make it better. You can always get answers from google or me buddy πŸ™‚

  11. Badmus says

    Lol. Late comment but i’m happy i saw this post and i can’t bear not commenting (though not a regular reader as b4 again).

    What if i tell u this samuel guy is just 98% sincere about his write up because i was a testimony to some and to God who made me he has inspired and helped me alot during my blogging time but you know when you have a Gold you won’t value it untill u loose it (i screwed up some of my chances with him) and seriously regretting cos back then i was so free to him and kinda know my way of getting to him but due to my childish behaviour back then and lack of manners and experience, man i screwed up big time. I’m just realizing it cos back then i even thought wat i did was good but i’m a little wiser than before and i now see its bad.

    In short sam is a good guy and men when you get close to him he his fun (to me o) cos i always enjoy him saying (u know i don’t like typing much on my phone) lol though it irritates me but i missed that.

    Sam i begged u b4 and you said its over but now i’m publicly begging again i’m sorry (u don hear?)

    thanks man for everything you da bomb (bigger you man).

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Brothers Fight bro.! I had long forgotten about this. *hugs

  12. Taslim OKUNOLA says

    This is so cool.. I’m also a blogger. A comedy blogger.. I do the blogging and you do the laughing.. I pray it turns big in da future.. just started and ready to wait 2 years sef… not rushing into money making….

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