Download Working BBM .APK For Android Phones

Some couple of days back, RIM the makers of Blackberry Devices via its blackberry blog, announced that BBM was gonna be made available for android and iPhone users on the 21st and 22nd of september 2013 which i actually announced on this blog. Folks waited in anticipation to see the outcome but as at the time of posting this(10.40pm) 21st of september 2013, the official BBM messenger is not yet available for download on the android market now known as Google Play Store.

Upon searching through Google play store for BBM or BBM for android, you will obviously come across loads of BBM apps said to be uploaded by Blackberry Inc but the truth is that, those apps are fake. They were actually uploaded by scammers thereby deceiving people to download them(well, i also fell into the trap). Upon downloading any of those fake blackberry messenger apps, the first pop up message that comes to screen when launched, is a message asking that you rate 5 star on the google play store or you quit the app. That’s crazy right? But even after rating a 5 star on the app store, it still wouldn’t launch what you want to see instead more and more ads are been display and this has made lots of people write negative reviews about blackberry on these apps.

While, while searching online for a working BBM .apk file for android phones, i was able to stumble on one which I’d like to share with you.

Download Working BBM for Android

download bbm apk for android

As you know, android apps are in apk format hence the file is in apk format. Please note that the one i will be giving here is not the official released on Google Play Store but it works perfectly well, all you need to do is update when the official one is released to the Google Play Store.


Download BBM For android here

UPDATE: Blackberry INC have disabled all working BBM apps for android hence no bbm is currently working on android as at today the 24th of september 2013.

Follow the on screen instructions

you will be required to log in or sign up for a blackberry id before you can use the app

Follow the on screen instructions and you can get started with pinging.

Can BBM Work On All Android Phones?

No Buddy! It can only work on android phones running android 4.0 or higher hence i would advise you upgrade your android phones to android 4.0 or higher but before doing this, please be sure your phone can carry the upgrade otherwise you could end up bricking the phone.

So, please tell us, hope you were able to download and use BBM for android and what is the experience like?

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  1. Pls can my infinix x401 b updated 2 d 4.0 software?
    It currently run on d 2.3.6 android version

  2. Ismaila Jonathan says:

    Nt wrkin on my phone. Only opens a page of bbm’s blog

  3. Kevin Ashwe says:

    I was told over 1.1 million download was unofficially made. I wonder how BlackBerry allowed such a leaked. But the suspension is actually good for us. For I perceive fraudsters may have hijacked the unofficial version and injected some malicious ware in them possibly.

  4. well u r true or genius god blesses for their gpod deeds. this is what i can say that’s all buddy.

  5. Rajib Mridha Bapy says:

    I am so happy. I don’t know about ti before entering your site . Actually i am not an android user, my younger brother use android and he requested for download bbm but i don’t get it. When i enter this blog. i got it. Thanks for the useful information.

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