Best Google Adsense Ad Sizes And Placements To Improve CTR


Following my years of been a blogger, I have been able to understand some vital things about blogging and making money blogging. One of these is the fact that, the basic reason to why there are numerous blogs on the internet is the mindset to making money.

Oh yes, most people ventured into the blogosphere for the fun of it and some for sharing what they know but at one point in time, making money have always been the fuel that keeps the car(zeal) going. Yeah! Admit to that.

One of the quickest means to monetize and make money from a blog is via Ad Networks and its no longer news that Google Adsense tops the chat in this field.

Making money from Google Adsense is real(yeah, I presume you already know that but no harm stating it again, right?) but then, not everyone makes money from their blog or blogs.

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When it comes to the world of making money via Google Adsense outside having a very good number of traffic(visitors) daily, one major issues publishers face is the area of CTR.

What’s the meaning of CTR? Its very simple, it simply means ‘Click Through Rate‘.

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Most publishers tend to have pretty good number of visitors visiting their blog and still yet, make pennies. In the world of Google Adsense, having a CTR of %2,3 isn’t bad, some publishers even have better CTR’s and maintain good income daily from their blog.

Oh well, I do not want to bore you with more long speech because I could use the whole day talking about this but let’s just head over to the subject matter.

Best Google Adsense Ad Size And Placements To Improve CTR

google adsense ad sizes and placements

Best Google Adsense Ad Sizes

Sometimes, publishers tend to override the recommended Ad-Sizes by the Adsense team but its always good to stick with them but do consider your blog structure when choosing Ad Sizes.

According to Google Adsense support webpage, Its often said that ad sizes like 336×280 Large Rectangle, the 300×250 Medium Rectangle, the 728×90 Leaderboard, and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper are the best performing ad sizes and I categorically would say Yes, they work but then, it also depends on your blog design.

Fixing up a 300X250 ad size where it overlaps the content just because Google Adsense says its the recommend Ad Size could lead to you losing your adsense account or ads been disabled on that blog hence fix ad sizes that fit into your blog,.

Enough of Ad Sizes, let’s head over to Ad Placement.

Best Google Ad Placements

Ads Below Post Title: Yeah, reports have it that having ads displayed directly below post title tend to improve CTR and it sure works.

Ads After Post Content: Yes, placing ads below your post content sure works. I’d personally recommend using ad formats that look more like related contents, the 336×280 Large Rectangle, 300×250 Medium Rectangle or link ads should fit in there tho like I said, it totally depends on your blog design.

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Ads Above The Fold: You probably might have head that placing ads above the fold improves CTR, well yeah that’s true but be careful with this because according to SEO experts, it could reduce the rate at which Google bot crawls your blog tho I totally do not believe in that myself but its best you play by the rules.

Ads Beside Blog Logo: Placing ads just beside(whether left or right) the blog logo sure works too in improving CTR. Depending on the location and size of your logo, using the 728X90 ad size should fit in here as long as it does not overlap your logo because that’s against Google Adsense TOS.

Ads On The Sidebar: Yes, placing ads on the sidebar also works but placing the ads along the post body(below the post title and below post content) works better.

Please Note: When placing ad codes on your blog, be mindful of the allowed number of unit ads, link ads and search ads on a webpage, wanna know more? Please refer to my post on How Many Google Adsense Ad-Placement You Can Use On A Blog Page In Compliance With Policy.

More so, choosing ad colors to fit into your blog color also helps in improving Google Adsense CTR, I would recommend not using any border here and please also note that, sometimes, the higher your CTR, the lesser your CPC but this is totally based on your niche and traffic sources.

  1. Yomiprof says

    Got a mail from them this morning that i should add one more ads unit to my one of my site so i had to… But left to me, i am contented with my ads placement.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes, its always advisable to utilize all ad placements allowed as it could lead to more ctr and better earnings.

  2. Ade says

    Hi Adeniyi,

    This is a very good article on cadenee ad placements! I have recently discovered on one of by websites that the link ads can also generate some good income when placed just below the header!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Wow! Thanks for the addition buddy, i use less of link ads because they usually come with less cpc. Perhaps i would retest them later. Thanks again for the contribution.

  3. Miros says

    what a pointless article.. What the author did here is to Pick the QA from Google Adsense and to “confirm” that it works.. Personally I mark this blog as SPAMMY!

    Author what you have to say? Samuel?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Miros, thanks for taking out time to visit my blog and also dropping a comment. However, i totally disagree with what you had said. You probably know about the required number of Google Adsense ads on a page(Good!) but not everyone is aware of this. Our job is to bring information and tutorials to our readers. About the QA thingy, Just curious, did you go fully through all the words on the post? If you did, you would realize that i asked and answered probably every questions that might be on other publishers mind when it comes to Adsense Ad Placement. Once again, thanks for visiting buddy 🙂

  4. Vrushali says

    Thank you for your Information. However, based on my experience as a blogger, I have noticed a high CTR on downloads niche blog and a very low CTR on a blogging niche blog. But the CPC is more on blogging niche and less on downloads and tech niche.

    Some people are saying, using fewer ads will increase the revenue. I am not sure about it when Google itself providing the facility. Since my inception of the blog, I have placed ads in the same place by utilizing all the ad space, even I know my blog is eligible for matched content ads. If you don’t have content and have ads placed’s hard to earn, if you have content and even if you don’t place ads correctly, your income may be little less…

    Anyways, after reading your post I changed few things on my blog. Those are very useful in increasing my CTR. Now I am getting CTR 3% to 4%. That feels good to me.

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