[How To] Remove Error While Installing BlueStacks On Windows


In one of my recent posts, I shared a tutorial on how to use Whatsapp On Windows PC using Bluestacks Softwore app but following some researches and issues I came across, it seemed more like there are some errors while installing BlueStacks on windows XP and 8. Hence in this post, I’d like to give a step by step tutorial on how to resolve two errors which are thus:

1. Graphics Card Incompatibility Error (Occurs basically On Windows 8), and

2. 2GB of Memory Required Error (Occurs basically on windows XP).

Removing Error While Installing BlueStacks

Now, let’s take this, step by step and I’d like us to start by talking on the number one error, which is:

Bluestacks Graphics Card Incompatibility Error (Error Code: 25000)

bluestack installation error 25000

Following a research online, this error states thus: Bluestacks cannot be installed on this pc because the Graphics Card is not compatible with Bluestacks. Inother to fix this, you need to make sure the default drivers which comes with windows 8 are installed on the system. More so, look for the motherboard model number for example Gigabyte G41 combo and Google search for the latest driver for windows 8. Install the video driver for windows 8 on the system and try re-installing bluestack setup, this time your installation should be successful on windows 8.

Error 2: Bluestack Atleast 2GB Of Memory Error

Usually, Bluestack require minimum of 2GB of RAm for installation to be successful. Before now, the required Memory for Bluestack to be installed was 1GB but now, its a minimum of 2GB. If you tried installing Bluestack on your windows XP and it displays the error: 2GB of Physical memory is required, simply try increasing your system RAM or simply reboot your system and try installing BlueStack again, that should fix the error.

Please Note: The Errors stated here and their solutions are the ones I know or have come across, feel free to tell us any error you faced will installing Bluestacks software app and we could probably profer solution.

  1. Pst Bless says

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    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thanks buddy. Its nice having you around.

  2. amir says

    Hi, thanks for the post.

    I have system Win 7 64 bit. 16 GB RAM. Nvidia Quadro FX 5600.

    still trying to do all above and didn’t succeed to install whats app.

    Getting 1406 error at the end of the installation.

    Do you have another solution?

    1. amir says

      By Writting Whats App, I meant BlueStacks.

      1. Adeniyi Samuel says

        First, I’d say sorry about that buddy but then i think you read through the wrong post. If you wanna use whatsapp on your pc, I’d recommend you look into http://www.trueinternetworld.net/2013/08/download-use-whatsapp-messenger-pc.html


    Hi friend I have followed your article on how to fix error but it didnot solve me.Is there any other method?

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