Whatsapp Voice Message Feature: How To Use On BlackBerry


Yes it was actually sometime in the early days of Last month been august that whatsapp introduced a new featured termed as ‘Whatsapp Voice Message‘ and I didn’t update or talked about it on this blog basically because it was not working on my blackberry phone.

A friend and a reader actually brought this feature to my notice, he uses an android phone thus he was able to send me some voice messages, it sounded pretty cool but its almost same feature with the voice memo sending feature on my blackberry device.

Initially, when he told me about it, I tried it on my blackberry bold 2 device but could not find any voice message feature therefore I thought it was exclusively for android and iPhone devices and not working for BB devices but I was wrong. Recently I was able to use the whatsapp voice message feature and though its cool, it didn’t seem much different from the voice message feature but definitely a different feature on its own.

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How To Use WhatsApp Voice Message Feature On Blackberry

For BB10 users like blackberry Z10, Q10 etc, the voice message feature icon is very visible on the whatsapp screen, its actually that microphone symbol that initiates the voice message feature but for older devices like Blackberry 8520(Curve 2), Bold 2, etc, all you need do is:

whatsapp voice message feature on bb, android and iPhone

  • Enter chat with the contact you want to send a voice message to
  • On the screen when you are to place your cursor and type, Press and hold the Space Button
  • While holding, you will fill a vibration on the phone, now record your voice message without leaving the Space key
  • When done recording, leave the space button and it will automatically send
  • You can only listen to your recording voice message when its been successfully sent.

That’s it. With the above instruction, you should be able to send whatsapp voice message with ease.

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