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Can Blackberry Messenger(BBM) Work On Tecno Android Phones?

Samuel, Please can I use BBM on tecno android phone?‘ That’s the question I have been getting from readers ever since the official version of blackberry messenger was released some couple of days back.

Basically, BBM for samsung android phones was released on the 21st of this month been october and according to Blackberry Inc, the official app would be available for other devices from the 25th and yes, its officially out on other android devices as at when posting this.

BBM for android cannot work on all android devices. It was categorically specified that it can only work only on android phones running android 4.0+ and iOS phones running iOS 6+. Let’s get back to the question.

Can BBM Work On Tecno Android Phones?

bbm working on tecno android phones

Yes, it can and this has been confirmed but it doesn’t work on all android phones. Like I earlier stated, BBM will only work on tecno android phones running android 4.0 and above OS hence if your android phone runs below 4.0, sorry buddy but you can’t use BBM on it.

List Of Tecno Android Devices That Can Use BBM

To make research earlier for you, I have compiled a list of android phones that can run BBM successfully without problems.

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Tecno Phantom A2
Tecno Phantom A+
Tecno Phantom A
Tecno D1
Tecno Q1
Tecno M3
Tecno L3
Tecno D5
Tecno N7

A friend who is also a frequent follower of this blog uses Tecno Q1 and he has been able to successfully use BBM on his tecno Q1 android device. As a matter of fact, the screenshot used on this post was derived from our chat on the app and Yes, he took the screenshot and sent to me.

How Do I Download BBM On Tecno Android?

Its very simple, simply launch the Play Store app on your phone and search for BBM and download the one courtesy of Blackberry INC, or alternatively, use your phone’s default browser and visit the official BBM download Page here on Google Play Store, doing that should automatically take you to the play store app to download the app.

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18 thoughts on “Can Blackberry Messenger(BBM) Work On Tecno Android Phones?

  1. so how is that possible? because blackberry itself said it won’t work on tabs. also is there any hope for those who use less than 4.0.4?

  2. i use tecno p5 phone,but is 3G not 3GB, i what to know if it will still browse unlimited,with BBM , if i use bis or bbc plan

    1. You do not need BIS plan to use BBM on your android. You use normal mb even if it is free mb.
      However, Airtel bis works on Android through cheat

  3. is techno p5 not among the phones DAT can use bbm?because I need a clear answer ,but if it can then how do I install it with out the Wi-Fi.

  4. Hi….I have a samsung galaxy s3 and I downloaded bbm,it worked for a while until no msg’s came through and I couldnt send msg’s …..I dont follow a BIS plan …..I only use data….for CeLL C…..please help me☆…!!!!!!

  5. Thank u for the advice….but I have 1 more problem how do I back up my contacts on A galaxy s3….I tried alot of times to do it but I can’t seem to do it ……

  6. Im so confused now…I couldnt backup my contacts on my phone so I deleted it and re-installed it ….if I enter my old pins and stuff will my contacts still be there….

    1. Well, You should have followed my previous mail in backing up your contacts before deleting. Well, you can still retain your contacts, just make sure you use same blackberry ID and password you were using before.

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