Cheap Ways To Browsing On PC And Android Using MTN Or Airtel


Its been a while now since MTN BIS(Blackberry plan) stopped working on both PC, Android and other devices except blackberry phones. First, it started when the UDP port 500 was blocked some weeks back therefore only the ICMP protocol mode was able to connect via PC and android devices using tunneling softwares like TunnelGuru, PDProxy for PC and DroidVPN for android. I actually recall posting an update towards that effect on this blog.

Some couple of days after the UDP port was blocked, the ICMP port was also blocked, although it was opened again after some few days, I knew it was soon gonna be blocked and yes, just after a day or two when it was released, it was blocked again and up till date, MTN bis no longer works on PC, android or other devices except blackberry devices.

Well, there’s always a way forward, although there’s presently no working free browsing nor cheap browsing on PC, there’s still some ‘not too expensive‘ way to browsing on PC and android which I’d like to discuss here today.

Cheap Ways To Browsing On PC and Android Using MTN or Airtel

cheap internet browsing on pc and android

The number of mails I have been receiving in respect to MTN BIS on PC ish actually prompted me to putting this up and also not to disappoint you my esteemed reader, am only gonna be talking on the two I have used which is MTN and Airtel.

Disclaimer: As earlier stated, there are currently no free or cheap browsing on PC (at least, none that I know of, but these are ‘not too expensive ways‘ to browsing on PC using MTN and Airtel lines.


Its no longer news that Airtel BIS can be used on PC, the weekly unlimited blackberry plan which goes for N525 isn’t really unlimited, it comes with a data cap of 420MB and works very well on PC, android and other devices.

Just use the usual airtel internet profile settings and you are good to go. For first timers who are new to using airtel bis on pc, it might not work directly but here’s the trick. Recharge an extra N100 on your airtel line after a successful subscription to a blackberry plan and dial *141*712*11#, that will automatically subscribe you to a daily internet plan which cost N100 for 10MB. Don’t worry, when you exhaust your 10MB, you will keep on browsing with the BB subscription data, the 10MB subscription is just to boast the BB subscription to work on pc, android and other devices.


Of a truth, I think MTN still offers the cheapest subscription than other networks(well, after airtel sha). I just wonder what other networks are waiting for, or are they not aware that they are losing customers to MTN? Maybe they should consult me for business ideas on how to increase their market lol.

MTN has a night plan which goes for N2500 and offers 3GB data for a period of one month. The night plan usage time frame is said to be from 9pm to 9am(pretty cool right?) Here’s the trick. As at when posting this, when you subscribe to the MTN Night plan package, you’d get an extra 1.5GB which makes a total of 4.5GB and guess what? Both data allocated (4.5GB) can be used during both day and night time without restrictions.

Do the math, its more like paying N2500 for 4.5GB right? Isn’t that way cheap? At least, no fear of the trick been blocked after some few days since its not a free browsing trick neither are you using any tunneling software, you just browse with rest of mind but then, be mindful of your data usage o otherwise, you’d realize you exhausted 4.5GB in less than a week lol.

So, there you have it friend. Like I stated earlier, its not a free or cheap browsing trick but rather, a ‘not too expensive’ way to browsing on pc and android using MTN and airtel or, isn’t it a ‘not too expensive way’?

  1. Olorunfunmi Idris says

    So it will surely browse During the day if I subscribe ?.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      The free 1.5GB will browse during the day but the 3GB is exclusively for night time.

  2. Lampejo Olanrewaju says

    I subscribed for the airtel blackberry unlimited plan and i topped it up with the airtel 100 naira daily plan to make it browse on pc and my android fone , but still not working..pls what can i do to make it browse on system and was it true that airtel has blocked the blackberry unlimited plan to work on any other devices?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Make sure you are using as apn, username and password: internet because i am currently using it now on my pc in replying you.

  3. Darlington says

    Adeniyi, I thought airtel weekly BIS is N400. I would like to know if I can use airtel monthly BIS to browse on my PC? Pls get back 2 me ASAP

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes airtel has a weekly plan for N400 but i would advice using the N525 plan as it gives you 420MB for a week and Yes, airtel bis can be used on pc.

  4. Seun says

    Hi Samuel ,MTn is still giving the 1.5G free right ?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Seun, its been a while since i subscribed to the plan but am pretty sure they still do. You can contact the customer care for confirmation pal.

  5. charles says

    is this nite plan still working?, If It Is, how do i do it?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes it is. Just send 102 to 131. Remember you need to have a minimum of N2500 in your account.

  6. charles says

    thanks alot

  7. tony says

    Pls help my mtn night plan stop working during the day after I exhausted my 1.5gig

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes Tony, the free data given only works during the day time.

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