How To Create Group Chat On WhatsApp Chat Messenger


Okay, I do understand this might be a rather not important tutorial as most people know how its done but some people still do not know how to create group chat on whatsapp chat messenger. Yes you heard me right and its the gospel truth.

Another thing is, its possible to know how to start a group chat on whatsapp using an android phone and not know how its done on an iPhone, well its practically same step. If you are having difficulty creating a whatsapp messenger group chat, welcome onboard pal because am definitely here to help.

Before commencing on that, you are probably aware that whatsapp is a cross platform mobile messaging app which enables users to send and receive messages from anywhere around the world for free as long as you are within the service usage of one year which cost less than a dollar for another one year.

How To Create Group Chat On Whatsapp Chat Messenger

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  1. First, you needed to have whatsapp downloaded and successfully installed on your phone, wondering where to download it, you can read Where To Download And Install Whatsapp Messenger
  2. Launch the Application, Navigate to chats » Options » New group
  3. Enter the subject of the group which is the main reason for the group, it could be anything like trueinternetworld, my friends and I chats, etc.
  4. Next, enter the participants, select the friends you would like to invite to the newly created group chat
  5. After inputing the invitations, choose Create and the group should be registered.

create group chat on whatsapp chat messenger

Upon successful registration, you and the friends(participants) you have invited can now chat in your newly created group chat.

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Hope you’d have fun creating group chat on whatsapp chat messenger and hope you’d make good use of it and don’t end up boring your contacts with your unending group messages lol.

  1. jonathan says

    nice one there.
    but I would advise anyone who wants to create a group chat should first consult other whom you will love to add to the group because I once created a group chat and added my co-workers, but the next day I blamed myself as people complained bitterly that they were getting disturbed.
    if any member should post on the group, all member of the group will receive the message even at a time you want to rest.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yeah thats the ish with group chat. Same used to happen to me on BBM till i was able to device a means and turn off all sound notification for group chats. I really do not know if same can be achieved using whatsapp but i will look into it and probably write about it.

  2. cheat says

    I found this article interesting, tnk you very much, am nw addicted to your blog

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