Download Official Released BBM For Samsung Android Phones


Congratulations again to android users as Blackberry Inc has released official BBM app for Samsung Phone users again. The better news is that, the BBM app released this time isn’t a leaked version like the other one released earlier which was later blocked, this is the official released app hence no fear of it been blocked sooner or later(Oh well, we can’t be so sure).

According to Blackberry Inc, the official app will be rolled out for samsung users from the 22nd to the 24th of october and will be available for other android phone brand users from the 25th of October.

My friend, Daspon who runs nigeriauniversitynews blog actually brought this to my notice this morning. He actually uses a Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone and according to him, he was able to move his bbm contacts on his blackberry phone to his android phone via restore option on bbm.

Need proofs? You can view the screenshot of our conversation earlier this morning when he informed me he was testing BBM on his device.

official bbm on android

How To Download Official BBM for Android Samsung Phones

I have actually made the process pretty easy for you hence you do not need to visit any other webpage in other to download the app, you can simply download official BBM app from Google Play Store here.

What Android Devices Can Use Official BBM App

Like I stated earlier, as at now, only some Samsung Galaxy phones running android 4.0+ OS can use the android app, according to blackberry inc, bbm will be made available for other android devices running android 4.0 from on the 25th of october which happens to be on Friday. When an update is made, I will definitely update it via this post or on a new post but definitely on this blog.

Can BBM Be Used On Android Tablets Or iOS Tablets?

No buddy, According to Blackberry inc, Blackberry Messenger cannot work on android tablets or iOS devices even through they run android 4.0+ or iOS 6, it would only work on mobile phone devices.

Have you finally been able to download and use BBM on your android phone? What’s your view about Blackberry INC releasing BBM for samsung users and prosponing the release date for other android devices?

  1. Jonathan says

    I am a little afraid here. I used the link on this blog to access google play but i was told the app is incompatible with all my devices. I personally use Tecno Q1 and I linked my google account with someone’s Samsung Duos phone.
    This app may not work for my device though both of them use Android 4.0..4

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Pal. I’d recommend you wait till its Friday before concluding, like it was stated, it is only available for Samsung android devices now and will be going across other compatible android brands on Friday.

      1. Jonathan says

        Yeah. I can wait for the Tecno Q1. but what about the Samsung Duos? Is it not a real Samsung phone?

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          According to RIM, BBM on Samsung is between 22nd-24th, if the Samsung Duos runs on android 4.0+, then there’s possibility it would work maybe by tomorrow been 24th.

  2. Od Wonder says

    I thought you were lying, mehn i just downloaded bbm to my galaxy pocket mini. Wow.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Awesome buddy! Enjoy 🙂

  3. seun says

    Hi, well, I have tested BBM on a samsung tab and it worked perfectly

    1. seun says

      Just send the apk file via bluetooth and install on your tab.

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