LiveProfile Shutting Down For BBM?


Yesterday, a friend of mine who is also a dedicated follower of this blog, shared with me an email sent to him from liveprofile which seemed more like Liveprofile announcing the arrival of bbm on android and iPhone thus saying they are shutting down.

Of course we know BBM is already out on android and iPhone devices fully and people have been enjoying it so far. Perhaps liveprofile believes that users are forced to use more of bbm than liveprofile(Oh well, i actually never had the app on my phone) or could it be that BBM paid or bought liveprofile? Well, i can’t be so such so i am not making any conclusion on that but then, I’d like to share the email message with it.

The Email comes with the subject “An Important Message From LiveProfile” and the content reads thus:

LiveProfile, meet BBM

LiveProfile is shutting down – not to worry, Now that BBM is available!

We are truly grateful for your support over the last three years. Unfortunately LiveProfile will be shutting down on December 1st. But not to worry, BBM is your best place for chatting and sharing with your friends on BlackBerry, iPhone® and Android™. BBM gives you features you won’t find on other messenger apps. Things like delivery and read notifications so you always know your messages arrived, BBM Groups that let you connect and share with up to 30 friends at once, and a BBM PIN that helps protects your privacy. And that’s just the start.

Download BBM for free on iPhone or Android by visiting from your mobile browser.

There you have it buddy, i actually copied and pasted the above message from the email received hence i didn’t add or remove anything from it.

Now the question is, Did Blackberry INC buy liveprofile or they are just shutting down basically because BBM is been made available for android and iPhone users?

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  1. Jonathan says

    Not only did LiveProfile announce its closure but also advertised bbm. I decree to everyone that may your glory shine that your rivals will shut up and exalt GOD in your life.

    Though I had an account with liveprofile, I never used it. It assigns a ‘pin’ to all its users just like bbm but fails to hit the market and popularity like bbm.

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