Getting Massive Traffic From StumbleUpon To Blog (Sure Secret)


Most peeps have always asked ‘Is it possible to get massive traffic from Stumbleupon?’ The simple answer is Yes.

During my early years of blogging, its always been my dream to be able to drive massive traffic to my blog and during my subsequent research concerning the subject matters, it was always stated that massive traffic can be gotten from StumbleUpon.

According to the instructions or guild i read during those times, all you need do is create quality content/post, sign up for an account on stumbleupon and share your content using the stumbleupon share button. Well yes, I did all these but traffic wasn’t coming from stumbleupon.

I actually stated sharing my contents on stumbleupon since around 2011 and based on my findings, I only stated getting real traffic from the social sharing and bookmarking network just early this year. This traffic didn’t just start coming, I finally found the sure secret.

Sure Secret To Getting Massive Traffic From StumbleUpon To Your Blog

traffic from stumbleupon to blog
No doubt, stumbleupon is one amazing social sharing website with lots of stumblers stumbling on contents everyday on its platform. Its one great avenue for getting traffic to your blog also for newbies. How? Don’t worry, just follow this set down instructions and you’d be getting traffic also from the social sharing and bookmarking website.

1. Create Quality And Valuable Content: You probably would have heard that ‘content is king’, well yes, it truly is. Readers are basically concerned about your content and what it has to follow hence creating quality and unique content is one of the key factors to gaining more traffic.

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2. Place StumbleUpon Share Button Under Your Posts: It wouldn’t be so cool if only you keep on stumbling your contents. Let your readers also help you share the post. Infact, according to my research, its much more beneficial when someone else shares your post on stumbleupon before you do and what other way can they do that if there’s no share button on the post?

3. Stumble Other Blog’s Post On StumbleUpon: Don’t be selfish to as stumbling only your blog content. Your blog obviously isn’t the only weblog on the internet neither is it the only blog with unique content on the internet. There are millions of blogs with quality contents on the internet, share some of these blogs also on stumbleupon using the share button. Don’t know where to start? You can share this post on stumbleupon, there’s a stumble button below the post.

4. Be Patient: The fact that you shared one of your blog’s post on stumbleupon doesn’t necessarily mean you would start getting traffic immediately from the social and bookmarking website(Well yes, some sites get instant traffic) but been a fresher, you needed to be patient. Just keep following the above steps and you’d be surprise at the amount of traffic you’d be getting.

Personally, I’d get quick good number of traffic from stumbleupon. The image attached to this post was derived from two posts on this same trueinternetworld blog hence that should convince you that the sure secrets outlined above would help you gain and drive massive from stumleupon to your blog.

  1. Engr Abdul says

    Great tip, I’m a newbie and I think this would help my new website as I’m struggling to get more traffic.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thanks buddy, just follow the above steps and they should work out for you.

  2. Jonathan says

    Nice tip buddy. I will use this on my long-abandoned blog.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thanks buddy, best of lucks.

  3. Gerald says

    This site contains useful information. Bloggers should visit here often. Thanks for your insight and generosity. I hope we could interact.

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