Windows 8.1 Released : How To Download Free Today


Good-news to all those awaiting the official release of windows 8.1 Operating system as it is finally here. The windows 8.1 begins its roll out to the windows store at 12.00am on october 18 in New Zealand which is equivalent to 4am, october 17 pacific daylight time and 12pm october 17 in the UK.

According to the windows blog on windows 8.1, it was started that starting 12.00am on october 18th in New Zealand (that’s 4:00am october 17th in Redmond), windows 8.1 and windows RT 8.1 will begin rolling out worldwide as a free update for consumers with windows 8 or windows RT devices via the windows store.

Some of its update from the 8.0 OS includes blending the desktop and the modern experience, presence of a visible start button which was not on the Windows 8 Operating system, although the start button on the windows 8.1 wasn’t like the windows 7 style as most people wanted but this could solicit, a boot-to-desktop option and so much 8.1 released and download

According to my earlier write up on the windows 8.1 features and how to upgrade, 8.1 comes with more security preferences, remote business data removal, improved internet explorer browser experience, mobility enhancement, Wi-fi direct printing and much more.

How To Download Windows 8.1 For Free

If you are running windows 8, simply check the windows store where you will find it as an optional upgrade. Pleae be aware that this is a staged rollout, not every country will see it immediately hence if you do not see it now, simply check back later.

For those running windows 7 and you want to upgrade to windows 8.1, am sorry you will not be able to get it for free. Instead you will need to buy a windows 8.1 dvd which costs around $199.99 or windows 8.1 pro DVD for $199.99 from October 18.

Further more, Microsoft stated that you cannot buy a windows 8.1 DVD and upgrade from microsoft vista or XP. Instead if you are running microsoft vista or any earlier version, you will need to purchase windows 8 which automatically qualities you to freely upgrade to windows 8.1 OS.

Following the release of windows 8.1 OS, I just hope customers and users will be satisfied with this otherwise am pretty sure more updates will be released soon and by the way, I head about windows 9, I wonder what’s in stock about that.

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