Airtel NG To Discontinue Use Of Airtel BB Plans On Non-BB Devices And PC


Using Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Internet subscription(BIS) has been one of the cheapest way to browse on PC, android, iPad and other devices and this has been ongoing for years.

Although there has been other possible ways of browsing cheap on these devices but they haven’t been as trusted as the Airtel BIS. Like in the case of MTN, the use of mtn alongside vpn software on PC was blocked just around 2 days ago without any prior notification and its just sad. These had made most people return back to Airtel BIS and just some couple of minutes back, Airtel NG via a text message sent to me, announced that it would discontinue the use of its BB plan on non-bb devices and modems.

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Here’s the Official Message from Airtel:

Dear Customer, effective 3rd Dec 2013  AIRTEL BB Plans will cease to function on non BB devices or used as a modem . Thank you

I’d believe the above message is self explanatory. Hence for all those using BB plan on PC, android, iPad and other non-bb devices, please be notified as the ISP says effective from the 3rd of Dec 2013, bb plans will no longer be supported on other devices.

One thing i personally respect about this is the fact that, airtel gave a prior notification unlike other network providers who just block tweaks without any information. This proves to show that airtel was aware all these while that its blackberry plans works on other devices and yet, they never interrupted it.

There you have it folks, you should start making plans for surfing on your PC via modem, android and other non-bb devices before the 3rd of December 2013 as usage of airtel bb plans will be discontinued on android, PC, iPad and other non-bb devices says the Internet Service Provider.

  1. jonathan says

    mehn! dis one is heaven let loose. life will be so unbearable for so many people like me. I use 4gb of data in a month. where the hell should I get money to subscrie for huge data as that? whereas I depend HEAVILY on the internet.

    but seriously, I think airtel should have a re-think as this action will not pay them because 97% of people who use airtel line do so bcus of d BIS cheat. for eg, sumone lik me, I don’t rememba d last time I use my airtel sim apart frm dis BIS cheat.

    and come to think of it, d network is so slow and messy, but people manage it because it is the cheapest. now if dis action is taken, so many wil abandon their sim for ’empty hen’ or etisalat

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Obviously right. Its gonna affect their sales. Some even took it to twitter and one said ‘Effective from the 3rd of December, airtel will find their sims in front of their office’.

  2. Jonathan says

    It can happen anyway. I saw different comments on their facebook fan page yesterday; and everyone is saying they will abandon their sim.

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