Airtel NG Introduces Unlimited BBM Plan For Android And iPhone Devices


Following the release of BBM app on android and iPhone platforms, I have always knew something was gonna be done concerning data usage based on these platforms.

As you know, Blackberry devices has the cheapest amount of data allocated based to its charge and compared to other devices. For example, you can imagine been given 3GB of data for just N1000. Since bbm has been made available for android and iPhone users, it would only make more sense if telecommunication companies would adjust their data charges and data allocated to suit the android and iPhone users also(it wouldn’t hurt so much to also do same for pc users :-D).

Airtel NG so far seem to be the first to have made the move in relation to BBM on android and iPhone. Just around yesterday, I got a text message from Airtel which reads thus:

Download the BBM app from and subscribe to the UNLIMITED BlackBerry Messenger Bundle EXCLUSIVE TO AIRTEL! Dial *440*22# at ONLY N300 monthly now!

The message above is self explanatory but for the sake of those who still needs proper guildline, here’s it.

How Can I Get The Airtel Unlimited BBM Plan On Android Or iPhone?

airtel unlimited bbm plan for android and iPhone

  • First, make sure you have a minimum of N300 in your SIM and make sure the sim card is in your android or iphone device.
  • Dial *440*22# and send. N300 will be deducted from your account after which you can now continue using BBM app at no extra cost on your android or iphone devices.

Please note that the validity period is 30 days after which you can choose to re-subscribe again.

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Questions And Answers:

Can I Use This Plan For Internet Browsing on my android or iPhone?
No buddy, its exclusively for BBM only. Other internet connections used on your sim or device outside bbm like browsing, google play store etc would incure additional charges which should be billed based on the normal network rate per KB.

Can I Use This Plan On Blackberry phone?
Yes I ‘think‘ it should be able to work with blackberry devices as long as you will only be using the messaging app. Use of browser or other app will incure additional charges.

I am patiently looking forward to hearing what comes out of other telecommunication companies like MTN, Glo, Etisalat etc in relation to BBM on Android and iPhone.

  1. Jonathan says

    I count it as rubbish. imagine is it only bbm Ihave to use on my phone?
    even if one does not use d #300 to subscribe for NORMAL data, if you use it alone for bbm and ignore other apps; you can still use it for a month.
    how much data does bbm consume alone that airtel is talking of unlimited bbm.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Lolz, bro you are speaking for yourself o. Some peeps still clued to BBM throughout the day like they are watching an interesting movie. To them N300 naira for unlimited messaging is like a big deal.

  2. princess says

    thanks Adeniyi! it info was very useful! tried calling the darn customer care line but it kept going off each time an agent picked up

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Could be problems with the network at that time. Just try during late hours of the day or early hours of the day i.e if you have not been able to get through till now :-).

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