BlackBerry 10 Devices May Soon Install Android Apps Directly From Google Play


If you have been using the Blackberry 10 devices like the blackberry z10, Q10 etc, then you are obviously aware that one of the best ways to install some android apps on your device is by sideloading those apps which in most cases, needs the availability of a pc computer. However, a new rumour has it that Google’s Play Store app marketplace could soon land on BlackBerry 10, opening the door to the world of Android apps for BlackBerry users.

Following the release of BlackBerry 10.2, BlackBerry updated the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps and Plug-in to be able to  run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean apps, enabling almost all modern Android apps to work on BlackBerry 10. Now, in a report by n4bb,  BlackBerry is in talks with Google to bring the Play Store to BlackBerry 10 devices. It also posted a few screenshots of the Play Store running on a BlackBerry Z10, but later posted an update stating that the images were fake but the negotiations between BlackBerry and Google are very real.blackberry 10 installing android apps directly via google play

Personally, i think If the rumour turns out to be true and talks between the two great companies do turn out into a done deal, BlackBerry would be able to solve the scarcity problem for the BlackBerry 10 app ecosystem, something faced by all late-entrants, including Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. The ailing smartphone maker’s new devices based on the OS have not been embraced by users at the level that it expected, resulting in the company suffering financial losses and taking an inventory write down due to unsold devices. However, access to the Play Store may infuse a new lease of life into the platform.

BlackBerry has earlier-on said that it’s moving its focus from devices to services and software targeted at the government and enterprise segments. However, it will continue to operate its handset business. So, bringing the Play Store would be the best option for the company thereby it could keep its BlackBerry 10 OS, on which it spent a large amount of resources, and still embrace Android in a big way, keeping consumers happy.

Following some users comment on some sites following the news on Blackberry 10 devices getting to install android apps directly from google play, users expressed that it is obviously going to be a good move and when that is accomplished, they could go back to acquiring the blackberry z10 and other bb 10 devices.

  1. jonathan says

    I knew blackberry was planning something when it released bbm on android and ios. it is now trade by barter

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yeah i thought same also.

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