How To Change 2go Phone Number Used For Registration?


Too many times I have often received emails and comments on other 2go archives asking how to change 2go phone number which they had used for registration. The frequent call on this has actually made me come up with this post to answer these question once and for all. Initially i already have a post where i had written exclusively on some 2go problems and solution but some still find it difficult going through the post.

There could be many reasons to why people often ask this question, some are due to the fact that they lost their phone number, some due to the fact that they had used a wrong number in registering 2go account and as funny as it may sound, some used their mum’s, dad’s, brother, sister or relative’s number in creating the new 2go account.

Before commencing to long talks and profer solution, let me officially tell you that ‘Its not possible to change 2go phone number you already used for the account registration‘. Yes buddy. 2go works in a way that, its one username to one phone number hence you can’t change the number when its already registered. That’s pretty sad right but then, I wouldn’t wanna leave you like this because I am your friend, hence I’d like to profer some possible solution or better still, call it tips.

Solution To Changing Your 2go Phone Number

change 2go phone number

Okay, I know you probably skip the long message above to jump to this line, please if you do, I’d advice taking just a few seconds or minutes(depending on your reading ability) to go through the article above because some vital things had been said there.

Like I stated Earlier, its not possible to change the number you used in registering for a 2go account but I’d want to give some useful tips.

Lost Your Phone Number(SIM): If your primary purpose for wanting to change your 2go phone number was because you lost your SIM, I would first wanna say sorry about that pal but then, you can’t reverse this. The only possible solution would be to create another 2go account. When done with creating another account, be careful with your sim this time. Log into your previous account because as long as you still remember your username and password, you can still log in on any other phone or any number. Inform your contacts and friends of your new 2go username and ask them to add you. This way you can still hook up with your folks and with time, you’d forget you had an old 2go account.

Used A Wrong Number During Registration Or Used Relative’s Phone Number: If your reason for wanting to change your 2go account number is due to the fact that you had used a wrong number during registration or used relative’s phone number, then the possible option to correcting this is by simply getting your own number and follow the steps I had given above in regards to losing your phone number.

Please Note: There are many downsides if you choose to continue using the current phone number which isn’t correct or up to date with your current mobile number and one of the most obvious or talked about is the inability to purchase 2go credit for your account. I’d advice you make the change now because the earlier the better.

There you go buddy. In as much as changing 2go phone number isn’t possible, I’d believe I have been able to give a possible solution to this problem and I’d like to know your thoughts on this.

  1. Sazzy says

    Bro pless my account was hacked and i have lost my number i used for registration and and he have changed the password is their any means of me recovering my account pleas

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Am sorry friend but i am afraid no because there isn’t a way to prove you own the account since you dont have the number you used in creating the account.

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