How To Disable SMS Messages In Google Hangouts


Yesterday, i announced that Google rolled out Hangouts version 2.0 on play store and it comes with sms support which makes it possible for you to use the hangouts interface in sending, receiving and reading sms instead of your preloaded sms functionality app. At first, when you launch the app for the first time you’ll be asked if you want to use Hangouts for SMS or not. If you Tap “yes“, all your existing messages will be imported into the app, and you’ll receive future SMS notifications through Hangouts instead of your preloaded SMS app. If you Tap “Maybe later“, you will continue using your preloaded Messaging app.

On same post yesterday, i recall giving a quick guild on how to disable sms messages in Google Hangout 2.0 but it seems to me that most didn’t see that hence i have decided to use this fresh post in giving the tutorial on how it is done.

How To Disable SMS Messages In Hangouts App

To disable SMS in Hangouts after you might have enabled it, Please follow the below instructions:

disable sms messages in google hangouts

  1. Goto Menu (press the menu button on some phones, use the three dots in the top right corner on others)
  2. Settings > SMS
  3. Under “General,” toggle “Turn on SMS” to enable or disable this feature.

After disabling Hangouts your built-in SMS app (usually “Messages” or “Messaging” in the app drawer) will handle sms text messages.

Please Note: If you’re using a “stock” Android device like the Nexus 5, with Android 4.4 KitKat, you will see an “SMS Enabled” button instead of the options stated above. Do Tap that to go to “Wireless & networks” menu where you can select a default SMS app — choose between Hangouts and any third-party SMS app you might have downloaded from the Play Store.

There you have it buddy, with the above tutorial you should be able to enable and disable SMS messages in Google’s own hangouts app.

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