Google Play Store Now Displays Tablet-Designed Apps By Default On Tablets


For me, I would say this is another awesome development by the Play Store team as only Tablets-Designed Apps will display by default On Google play Store.

I think this is another reason for app developers to consider tablet designs for their apps so they could gain more popularity from the tablet device users.

Just as was previously announced, the Play Store is undergoing a few changes for those with tablets today. Although it has been an option for some time, when browsing app categories on a tablet you’ll now be shown apps that are marked as “designed for tablets” by default. In addition, any apps that haven’t been updated to be fully tablet-compatible will be marked as “designed for phones” under their title in the Play Store, giving you a warning of sorts that the app may not work properly.

google play store featuring tablet apps

Google is taking this opportunity to remind app developers how to make their apps compatible with tablets, as well as to go above and beyond to make experiences that are preferable on tablets rather than simply compatible. Through the Developer Console you can simple head to the “tablet optimization tips” area and see what is keeping your app from being listed as tablet ready.

There you have it buddy. If you are an app developer, then you should get to work to making your apps tablet compatible and have it featured for tablets users.

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