Best Sites To Buy Used Cars Online In Nigeria


Somewhere around the late days of august, I bought a fairly used car online. I never mentioned that on this blog until now and I really cannot say for sure the basic reason to why i kept mute about it all these while. Well, i guess some things are better kept than said or probably I wasn’t happy with the fact that I couldn’t afford a brand new car at that time so i decided to hide my face lol. My apologies friends but now you know right?

I actually bought the car online and I’d like to share with you some sites where you can actually see and buy fairly used cars online at cheap prices.

They are a lots of sites online promising this but most are actually scam sites and I think I recall writing about Google trader Nigeria car scam sometime used cars in nigeria

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the site listed therein as places to buy used cars are as a result of what I have seen, assumed and probably tested. TechYan strongly advice that you take precautions when dealing with sellers on these sites as I won’t be held responsible for any wrong dealings.

Best Sites to Buy Used Cars Online In Nigeria

1. Olx sure deserves to be first on the list. Personally I kinda trust some deals on this site. Remember the tecno n9 android tablet device I bought few days back? I actually bought it from a dealer on olx, hence some credits can be given.

2. This is another online market in which you can buy fairly used cars from. I personally haven’t done any deals on trade stable but somehow, I think some deals there are safe.

3. Unlike other sites which deals on variety of products and services, seem to be centered on cars and automobiles. I haven’t done deals on this site either but I kinda trust the deals therein.

4. Nairaland Forum Auto Session: Yes, nairaland which seem to be one of the top forums in Nigeria has got lots of sessions and autos happens to be one. In the autos session, you get to meet sellers and buyers who are willing to sell tukunbo cars, fairly used cars and brand news cars. I actually bought my own car from this great forum.

For now, those are the sites I can really think of when it comes to best car deals. Although there are more but these are all I can remember for now. Maybe its because its late now when composing this, 12.36am to be precised.

Please Note: I strongly advice that you meet one on one with the seller before closing any deal. In fact, choose to pay by hand rather than bank deposit or let the seller follow you to the bank for direct transfer and cross check to make sure all the car documents are in tact to avoid fraud.

Which other reliable site do you know of that offer fairly used cars in Nigeria at cheap prices online and are efficient outside the ones I have stated above?

  1. Jonathan says

    Hmm! baba agba Samuel. u don chop up wella wella. show me the way and let me be like u.
    moreover, there is nothing bad in buying a used car. how many Nigerians can afford a brand new car except the politicians

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Lolz. Its just God’s work buddy.

  2. Jonathan says

    yes nah. so show me d way GOD take do am

  3. Raine says

    You should checkout, especially the ‘name your price’ tool. Gives you more power and options as a buyer.

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